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Pokerdom Review

Pokerdom is a small but ambitious poker site launched in 2014 with the active participation of the Russian poker community. Pokerdom distinguished itself from large foreign rooms, positioning itself as a space for fair, understandable, and comfortable games for clients from Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. However, it welcomes players from other geographical locations as well, so you can enjoy playing against amateurs from Russian-speaking countries.

Poker dom offers some pleasant surprises, such as freerolls with guarantees up to ₽20,000, lottery SNGs with prizes up to ₽2,000,000, mega-affordable cash stakes from ₽1 2, unlimited withdrawals from ₽500, and round-the-clock support.

Novice regulars will also like its soft field, up to 67% rakeback, a grid of satellites for tournaments with guarantees up to ₽3,300,000, and qualifiers for Russian offline poker events.

Worldpokerdeals has prepared a detailed review of the poker room, which will help you understand the details of Pokerdom and decide if it is right for you. In this article, you will learn:

  • What are the fundamental differences between Pokerdom and dozens of other providers.
  • Is it worth making it the main site for grinding.
  • Which disciplines are trending?
  • Is it profitable to play at Poker dom?

Please note that Pokerdom operates only in Russian rubles; therefore, we will use this currency throughout this review (in June 2021, $1 = ₽73).

Bonuses and promotions

The Pokerdom poker promotion policy has an emphasis on retaining active players. The room includes free qualifiers for the Kaliningrad Cup live events in the Yantarnaya gambling zone (guarantees from ₽1,500,000 to ₽3,500,000) and the annual Russian Championship. Online ticket giveaways are also offered during streams and for the most active users on social networks.


Pokerdom charges a low rake across all disciplines. However, it is roughly on the same level as competitors. The rake used the “contributed” system according to the “no flop, no drop” scheme. It is 5% or ₽0.01 for each ₽0.20 in the pot.

The maximum rake is limited by a cap, which is tied to the bet level.

Stake Player Count Cap
0.5/1 ₽ 2, 3, 4+ 20₽, 30₽, 40₽
1/2 ₽ 2, 3, 4+ 25₽, 35₽, 50₽
2.5/5 ₽ 2 50₽
5/10 ₽ 3, 4+ 75₽, 125₽
10/20 ₽ 2 75₽
15/30 ₽ 3, 4+ 100₽, 150₽
25/50 ₽ 2 100₽
50/100 ₽ 3, 4+ 150₽, 200₽
75/150 ₽ 2 125₽
100/200 ₽ 3, 4+ 175₽, 250₽
150/300 ₽ 2 150₽
250/500 ₽ 3, 4+ 225₽, 300₽
500/1000 ₽ 2 200₽
750/1500 ₽ 3, 4+ 300₽, 300₽
1000/2000 ₽ and more 2, 3, 4+ 350₽, 500₽

Pineapple (Chinese Poker) tables have a 5% commission. The rake is taken at the end of each hand and is capped to ₽1,500.

The room commission in MTT is 10%, regardless of the buy-in.

Rakeback at Pokerdom

Pokerdom Freebies

The Russian poker site decided to not put its users in front of a choice, as others do and offers two versions of the rakeback program at the same time.

  • "100 Steps to a Million" with instant prizes up to ₽1,000,000.
  • Time Machine is a classic multi-level rakeback program with a progressive return system from 12% to 67%.

100 Steps to a Million







1-5 500 1.000 150 50 25
5-10 1.000 2.100 300 125 55
11-20 1.750 4.320 700 230 115
21-30 2.500 7.350 1.100 350 190
31-40 5.000 16.000 2.400 800 400
41-50 7.500 22.350 4.000 1.400 650
51-60 10.000 35.000 5.900 1.900 1.000
61-70 12.500 50.000 7.100 2.500 1.400
71-80 15.000 65.000 10.000 3.150 1.800
81-90 20.000 100.000 15.000 4.550 2.300
91-99 25.000 125.000 20.000 6.200 3.100
100 25.000 1.000.000 150.000 50.000 25.000

As you might have guessed from the name, we are talking about a hundred-level motivation system with a maximum profit of one million. For each ₽1 in commission, the player gets 1 rake point.

After reaching the maximum level, the user receives a guaranteed ticket to the Sochi Poker Festival Main Event for $550 and a 25% rakeback.

Time Machine

Time Machine is a more promising RB scheme for beginner pros. It implies rakeback from 12% to 67% and consists of eight levels. It is necessary to accumulate a given amount of rake in 30 days to reach these statuses. When moving to the next level, the player gets a higher return, plus they receive a bonus RB in the coming month.

Up to 5.000
5.001 — 15.000 12 3
15.001 — 50.000 16 5
50.001 — 100.000 20 7
100.001 — 250.000 25 9
250.001 — 500.000 30 12
500.001 — 1.000.000 35 15
1.000.001 — 1.500.000 40 18
1.500.001 and higher 45 22

Pokerdom allows switching VIP programs. To do this, enter TIMEMACHINE or ONEHUNDRED in the promotional code field.

The Pokerdom VIP program includes a mission system. Every day, players receive simple, periodically changing tasks. For example, you can receive rewards such as tickets or cash for collecting a particular hand.

To summarize:

A flexible VIP program with instant cash or rakeback up to 67% is a strong argument for Pokerdom Poker in its fight against the market leaders. However, the most crucial disadvantage of the local promotion system is the absence of a first deposit bonus, which is an essential factor that persuades potential users to choose a particular room.

Pokerdom Bad Beat Jackpot

Pokerdom Bad Beat Jackpot

You can get a big prize at Pokerdom for losing with a super-strong hand in the famous Bad Beat Jackpot.

A Bad Beat is when a great hand (like four of a kind) loses against a stronger one. When this happens, the jackpot is triggered and awards prizes as follows:

  1. 30% for the loser of the and;
  2. 20% for the winner;
  3. 20% to fund the next jackpot;
  4. 10% is equally distributed among all the players who were playing at the moment at other jackpot tables.
  5. The 10% remaining is a commission fee.

It’s important to note that the jackpot size depends on the stake. For example, at the 25/50₽ tables, players receive 100% of the amount, but at 1/2₽ is 25% of the jackpot prize pool.

Bad Beat Jackpot tables are tagged with a “J” in the lobby, and an extra 0,5% fee is charged to feed the prize pool, capped at 10 rubles.



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United States Unfortunately this poker room is unavailable in United States
We respond fast!
Support and general inquiries

Games and traffic

Pokerdom deliberately chose to target amateur players, which led to a logical outflow of regulars. As a result, daily traffic is relatively low, with up to 2000 users at peak and 300 on average. Taking poker reservations into account, this is the 21st result in the world by early 2021.

Cash Games: Hold’em, Omaha, Fast-Fold

Despite the large selection of formats, tables with bad beat jackpots, increased rakeback, and hidden nicknames, online traffic at cash games is not impressive. At peak times, there are only up to 100 tables at low stakes. The largest number of players can be found in Boost, a discipline where you are immediately transferred to a new table after folding (Zoom or fast-fold poker).

Most of the action at NLH is found in 6/8-max format at ₽1 / 2, ₽2.5 / 5, ₽5/10, ₽10/20 stakes. More tables gather closer to ₽250/500 on weekends and during primetime. Please note that the prime time is the Russian one, so players might need to adjust their schedule.

Rates, ₽ hold`em Omaha Boost NLH* Boost PLO
0.5 \ 1 7   80  
1 \ 2 5 4 110 20
2.5 \ 5 5 5 только HU  
5 \ 10 4 7 80  
10 \ 20 4 3 35  
15 \ 30 2 4 20  
25 \ 50 2 3 55  
50 \ 100 + 3 4 10  


Omaha is played in 5 and 6 card formats with extra rakeback and the opportunity to win a Bad Beat Jackpot. Usually, there are up to 20 tables from ₽1 / 2 to ₽50/100 and 2-3 tables at ₽500 / 1000 and ₽750/1500 stakes.


Boost 6-max is an analog of Zoom, FastForward, and Blast. At Pokerdom, it is noticeably more popular than regular cash tables; it is actively played both in Hold'em and Omaha. Like other poker formats, it’s mainly popular at the lowest stakes (from ₽1 / 2 to ₽150/300).

Chinese Poker (Pineapple)

Pineapple is an unusual format that is popular at Pokerdom. On each hand, players need to collect three combinations of 14 cards according to Texas Hold’em rules, while each subsequent one must be weaker than the previous one. Users have access to stakes from ₽0.5 to ₽500 on 2- and 3-max tables.

Tournaments at Pokerdom (MTT)

The grid allows you to choose a tournament for any preference and bankroll size in all disciplines such as Hold'em, Omaha, and Pineapple. Pokerdom offers 2, 3, 6, 8-max knockouts and rebuys, different blind structures, Boost, and anonymous options in all formats. Buy-ins at are affordable, ranging from ₽10 to ₽15,000.

Tournaments worth paying particular attention to:

  • [Kremlin] Hold'em, re-entry. Guarantee - ₽1,000,0000, participation fee - ₽5,000.
  • [Major Gladiator Tournament] Hold'em, Progressive Knockout. Prize money - ₽3,300,000, ticket - ₽3,535.
  • Satellites for offline events, Hold'em. Main Event Kaliningrad ₽3,500,000, High Roller Event ₽1,200,000, APPS Main Event ₽2,500,000. You can even qualify for tournaments for free through the freebuy grid.

Windfall Spins

Pokerdom Spin&Go Lobby

Spins are 2- and 3-max Sit-and-Go with a random prize pool. Pokerdom Windfalls are among the cheapest on the market and are generally more attractive than many competitors.

Things to highlight about Winfall Spins:

  • 2 formats and 3 disciplines - heads-up and 3-max, Hold'em, Omaha, and Chinese poker;
  • 2 game structures - classic and All-in Shootout;
  • Blind structure - 2 minutes in HU and 3 minutes at 3-max;
  • Multipliers - from x1.5 to x1000;
  • Unique promotions;
  • 2 jackpots for different stakes: Silver Windwall Jackpot - for buy-ins up to 250 rubles and Golden Windfall Jackpot - from 500 rubles.

The Windfall Jackpot fund is formed from an additional commission taken from each tournament.

Factors like minimum stakes from ₽1 / 2 in cash, Chinese poker, 10 stakes of lottery SNGs in two disciplines, and freebuys for live tournaments highlight that Pokerdom has worked out the grid of games and tournaments just perfectly. The only serious drawback is the relatively low online traffic of the room and lack of serious action during off-peak times.

Field softness

We should pay tribute to Pokerdom, as the poker room did not take a neutral position and openly declares its support for amateurs at the expense of those who use PRO software. Moreover, comfortable conditions for non-professionals and playing without auxiliary programs is the basis of the Green Poker concept developed by Poker dom.

As a result, the local field is much softer than you would expect on the market.


Official representatives of Pokerdom are completely non-public, and it may seem that they simply do not exist. Unfortunately, it is true: as of the first half of 2021, the room does not cooperate with any poker celebrities.

Attitude towards professional players

  • Tracking software - no.
  • Pre-flop chart - no.
  • Bumhunt - no.
  • Mining - no.
  • Seating scripts - no.

The Pokerdom management understands that the core of the room is formed by beginner pros who are trying to make poker their primary source of income. Therefore, PD tries to retain such players but simultaneously tries to make its site attractive for those who come to spend a few hours solely for fun.

In August 2020, Pokerdom introduced additional measures to prevent the exploitation of inexperienced users. The main things to know about the game rules for using software in 2021:

  • It is not recommended to use VPN to run the game client without the approval of Pokerdom's online support service.
  • Holdem Manager (HM2), Poker Tracker (PT), Hand2Note (H2N), converters, calculators, and any other auxiliary software are strictly prohibited.
  • Using other programs working with other poker rooms is not allowed.
  • Player statistics are not available.
  • You cannot hold the table while not playing.
  • To re-enter the sit-out, it is necessary to conduct an active session.
  • It is forbidden to leave the game for specific users selectively.

Of course, multi-accounting, ghosting, chip dumping, and team play are strictly prohibited.

Pokerdom Poker is loyal towards amateurs and beginners. In their eyes, the rules and features of the ecosystem will seem logical, and the room itself is an ideal place to have fun while playing poker. PRO players will have to accept the rules and play without software.

Pokerdom software

Pokerdom Lobby

The official website, desktop client, and mobile application for Poker dom were created by the Connective Games studio, a well-known company in the industry. Overall, the software is similar compared to other sites using the same platform.

The design is minimalistic, with the same logical arrangement of tabs, convenient functionality, and simple navigation. The main difference between the software is the color scheme. Pokerdom is designed in black and green.

As we mentioned above, all third-party software is prohibited at Pokerdom. But how can players view their hand history?

To do this, you need to click on the "Settings-Video History" buttons in the room client or directly at a table. And for Hand History to be saved, in the "Additional settings-History" menu, check the box and select how many days from the moment of wagering the hand will be available (maximum - 999 days).

Mobile app

Pokerdom Mobile Client

Pokerdom has a full-fledged application for smartphones and tablets on Android and iOS, fully supporting the capabilities of the desktop version. All disciplines and formats are available on mobile devices: cash, MTT, SNG as Hold'em, as well as Omaha and Pineapple.

Reliability and trustworthiness

  • Launched - 2014.
  • License - Curaçao.
  • RNG verified - GamingLabs.
  • Identity verification - necessary.
  • WPD guaranteed - no.

Pokerdom managed to find and occupy its niche as an affordable and safe room without PRO software for players from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and other post-USSR countries.

The oftware is stable and convenient. RNG is certified and verified by independent experts from GamingLabs. The support is efficient, and they respond in live chat within a few minutes.

Pokerdom is as reliable as a poker room can be.

Deposits and withdrawals

Pokerdom supports the most popular payment methods for Russian-speaking players (Yandex Money, Qiwi). Still, they don’t forget about international customers, and the traditional Skrill, Neteller, and cryptocurrencies are also available.

Payment method

Deposit Cashout
Visa 500₽-1.000.000₽


MasterCard 500₽-1.000.000₽


Neteller 500₽-1.000.000₽


Webmoney 500₽-1.000.000₽


Bitcoin 500₽-1.000.000₽

Please note: Pokerdom charges a 3% commission on every withdrawal. Cashout is available at any time, regardless of the date of the last deposit.

The stated maximum time required for a cashout is 7 days, but in most cases, processing takes up to a day, depending on the payment method.


To withdraw funds from Pokerdom, you need to go through account verification. You can do this procedure in the profile settings on the website in the verification tab. The set of documents is standard: a copy of a passport/ID, a recent utility bill, a photo of a bank card, or a driver's license.

If you have any difficulties, do not hesitate to contact the Pokerdom support service. Operators usually assist in the verification process

Support email: [email protected]

An alternative communication option is a live chat on the site.

Pros and Cons of playing at Pokerdom

  • Low stakes from ₽1/2.
  • Variety of poker games.
  • Soft playing field.
  • Up to 67% rakeback.
  • Satellites for live tournament series.
  • Variety of deposit and withdrawal methods.

The dark side of Pokerdom:

  • No tracking software and HUD support.
  • 3% withdrawal commission.
  • Low online traffic at medium and high stakes.

Pokerdom Poker can be advised to players for whom poker is a hobby or entertainment. Low stakes from ₽1 / 2, unusual disciplines, tournaments from ₽10, responsive support service, an excellent VIP program, and no regulars at low stakes make Poker dom an optimal choice for amateurs.

From a professionals’ point of view, Pokerdom may not seem so attractive, but they will also be interested in the room, despite its relatively low traffic. Moreover, factors like tournaments on the verge of an overlay, a soft field, and satellites to offline events with guarantees of up to ₽5,000,000 can make this room profitable to an experienced player.

Advantages of our affiliate service

Worldpokerdeals has many years of experience in the professional affiliate services market for players from all over the world. Our managers will provide you with the best service and deals in any poker room.

Our awards and certificates of trust from global affiliate communities (clickable):

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Our Pokerdom players get:

  • Professional customer service seven days a week;
  • Exclusive promotions and raffles on our social networks.

Contact us to start playing now:



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United States Unfortunately this poker room is unavailable in United States
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