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Is IDN Poker Network coming back?

Author: Vargoso Published: 10.05.19

Since last year, any poker player who tracks the PokerScout website knows that the second position belongs to the Asian network IDN Poker. But unlike GG Network, IDN is almost unknown outside Asia. For several months now, all IDN Network poker rooms were blacklisted on our website. What has changed with the network, and why are we writing about IDN Poker again?

Is IDN Poker Network coming back?

IDN Poker network background

If you are not particularly familiar with the IDN Network history, we recommend checking this article that we posted on our website last year. In short, we confirmed the presence of superusers, bots, and house players, the network just ignored all our complaints, and we decided to add all its skins to our blacklist.

What has changed in the IDN Network since then?

Representatives of the IDN Poker network contacted us and offered to resume our partnership in its skins (so far, we have only added Shenpoker again). The network assured us that all glitches in the client were solved and that a lot of work was done to clean the traffic. The “holes” in the software were closed, and the security team did a great job.

Of course, considering the past of the network, such statements required verification. We sent our scouts to Shenpoker; we performed interviews with players already taking part in the action on IDN. What were the conclusions?

  • IDN Poker uses the same in-browser client, but it works smoothly, and if you don’t try to open more than one table at the same time, no glitches can be seen. The tables are full of short stack players, and the games are very soft, with lots of variance, of course.
  • Our scouts identified some cases of collusion, but they are straightforward to detect. Switching tables solves the problem. There are many spots available in the lobby, especially with Malaysian players who play with mobile devices. According to the room's representatives, players colluding at the same table with several accounts are strictly controlled.
  • The games are very similar to the good times of PokerMaster; this is an incredibly soft field with almost no regulars. But, if you want to get the best of the network, you’ll need to be able to make table selection without any support software.
  • IDN Poker is the softest network available nowadays, which, combined with the fantastic traffic and our rakeback deal, makes the network a good choice. Although the IDN Poker Network remains a risky site, consider what we already have exposed here, now we can no longer discourage you from playing there.
  • In addition to an exclusive rakeback deal, our players will get the opportunity to play at multiple tables outside the web-browser.

IDN Poker traffic overview

The traffic on IDN is abundant and includes Hold’em and Omaha in 6-max format (the vast majority of the traffic), 9-max (about 30%), and 4-max (mostly at the highest stakes).

The number of available tables is fantastic, over 150 can be spotted during the peak time:

Stake Tables
100/200 ($NL1) - 500/1k(NL5) Over 100
1k/2k ($NL10) Up to 30
2,5k/5k ($NL25) Up to 20
5k/10k ($NL50) Up to 10
10k/20k ($NL100) - 20k/40k ($NL200) Up to 10
100k/200k ($NL1k) Up to 5

The highest stake we spotted in Shenpoker was 300k/600k ($NL3k). About Omaha, up to 5-6 tables per stake can be seen during prime time.


In the current situation of online poker, where the most significant Chinese poker rooms kicked out overseas players, the emergence of a new opportunity to join soft high-stakes games can be considered positive.

Of course, even with the recent changes, we cannot say that the IDN Poker Network is a fully-tested and risk-free site to play. It's just like PokerMaster. But, if you are ready to test the waters by yourself, you will be amazed by the traffic and the weakness of the lineups, and we will provide you with a top-rakeback deal, smooth cashier services, and the possibility to enable HUD shortly. No guarantees can be given, and players must consider the risks before joining the room. The recommendation is to have only a few buy-ins of your stake to play.

Please contact our manager Timofey to get more information about the IDN Network and start playing.

Telegram: @Timofey_wpd

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