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GGNetwork becomes the #1 poker site in the world

On June 19, 2021, one of the most significant events of online poker history took place: for the first time since 2006, the first place in the PokerScout ranking was occupied not by PokerStars but by GGPoker Network.

GGNetwork becomes the #1 poker site in the world

Historical moment

We all knew PokerStars monopoly would end sooner or later. At first, partypoker was the main candidate, but it became clear that GGNetwork (GGPoker, Natural8) was becoming the main competitor for the throne. Let's recall that the Asian site IDNPoker Network also occupied the first place for a while in 2019, but the nuances of this site require an independent article.

Even with the latest efforts made by PokerStars to retain its customers, the historical moment has come:

At noon on June 19, 2021, GGPoker took down first place in the PokerScout ranking.

GGPoker ranks first in PokerScout ranking

The fact that something like this should happen soon became clear on June 15 when the average weekly indicators of both rooms for the first time became equal at around 5,200 cash players. As a reminder, according to data from late 2017, the score was 11,000 - 900 in favor of PokerStars.

However, in the same rating, PokerStars has a higher average cash traffic per day. If the trend continues, GGNetwork will sooner or later outlast all indicators. In the meantime, we decided to compare the structure of the cash traffic of the two leaders.

Traffic comparison

For comparison, we collected data on the number of tables on June 19. PokerScout showed both sites have similar traffic at that time (5,526 and 5,529). How are they distributed across different poker formats?

Regular 6-max tables

Stake GGPoker PokerStars Stake GGPoker** PokerStars***
NL2$ 78 119 PLO2$ 10 (4) 12 (5)
NL5$ 68 67 PLO5$ 9 (4) 7 (1)
NL10$* 56 65 PLO10$ 11 (8) 8 (4)
NL25$ 47 30 PLO25$ 9 (7) 7 (4)
NL50$ 32 24 PLO50$ 8 (8) 6 (2)
NL100$ 35 12 PLO100$ 8 (3) 2 (1)
NL200$ 34 4 PLO200$ 8 (5) (1)
NL500$ 15 5 PLO500$ 3 (5)  
NL1K$ 13   PLO1K$ 2 (4)  
NL2K$   1 PLO2K$ 3  
TOTAL 378 327   119 60

*Stars have added NL16 tables

**The number of PLO5 tables is shown in brackets

***In brackets, the number of tables for other Omaha formats

Fast-fold poker (connections)

Stake GGPoker PokerStars Stake GGPoker PokerStars
NL2$ 282 452 PLO2$ 81 77
NL5$ 212 261 PLO5$ 80 52
NL10$ 223 266 PLO10$ 70 57
NL25$ 151 240 PLO25$ 48 69
NL50$ 90 163 PLO50$ 55  
NL100$ 74 94 PLO100$ 43 41
NL200$ 73 44 PLO200$ 7 30
NL500$   33 PLO500$    
TOTAL 1,105 1,553   384 326

Exclusive formats

Unfortunately, it's impossible to find out the number of active 6+ and Tempest tables in PokerStars, but their impact on the total traffic is negligible. Therefore, in this section, we will provide data on AoF and full ring tables, which are unique to each room:

9-max Tables AOF Tables AOF Tables
NL2$ 39 NL10$ 24 PLO20$ 4
NL5$ 24 NL25$ 12 PLO40$ 5
NL10$ 31 NL50$ 13 PLO100$ 4
NL25$ 22 NL100$ 14 PLO200$ 2
NL50$ 18 NL200$ 10 PLO400$ 2
NL100$ 6 NL400$ 7 PLO1K$ 2
NL200$ 2 NL1K$ 4    
NL500$ 1 NL2K$ 2    
TOTAL 143 105
Our data confirm that the number of connections on PokerStars and on GGNetwork is about the same. The first place was given to the site with more players.

What's next?

First of all, low Zoom stakes, regular NL2 tables, and full ring ensure the parity of PokerStars in cash traffic. But, most likely, GGPoker and company will simply be able to reach a "clean" first place by retaining players during the seasonal downturn.

The most exciting moment in this fight, in our opinion, should begin closer to the fall, when many players return to the tables after the holiday season, and the rooms, accordingly, launch promotions to attract them.

The competition between the two giants is beneficial for poker players, as it encourages all the community and operators to stay in touch, so probably now is the best time to play online poker.

Is it time to cheer PokerStars a little? How do you think this confrontation end?

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