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What's wrong with IDNPoker network?

Author: Vargoso Published: 30.10.18

According to the traffic, many new poker players (two years or less) and even some "old players" who are familiar with PokerScout see IDNPoker Network in second place. Despite its high ranking, the network is not promoted on big poker sites, and specifically on Worldpokerdeals, they are blacklisted. Today we like to share with you the background of this situation.

What's wrong with IDNPoker network?

2021 update: In 2020 we resumed our deal with ShenPoker after verifying that many of the problems reported in this article were solved. You can venture to play on IDNPoker if you want, however, mind your risks before joining the games.

We leave the unaltered original blog post for transparency.

IDNPoker Network history

The IDNPoker Network suddenly appeared among the online poker world leaders in January 2017, with 6k-7k connections in peak traffic. It belongs to the company IDN Play. The network offers a dozen different games such as live casino, sports betting, and "rock-paper-scissors" in addition to poker. Two years ago, their website stated that the company had five years of experience on the market, but it was spotted for the first time at a conference of Asian game operators back in 2015.

The network is registered offshore — Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) — in the Philippines, and their license is issued to ICE Totally Gaming, located there. The beginning of the network could be considered late 2015, when they received the RNG certificate from the Singapore company BMM Compliance Singapore on October 13, 2015.

It is most likely that the network operated in Asia for about a year until PokerScout discovered it. Now the traffic indicators have become even more impressive and the number of connections during peak time has increased three times!

The IDNPoker Network strangeness

Let's check some of the oddities of the network:

IDNPoker Network is almost invisible on the internet

IDNPlay has accounts in the social networks since 2016, but it still has just a few subscribers. There has been no significant advertising online during its operating time, and the number of games and players has grown steadily.

This situation can be partially explained by the peculiarities of the market where the network operates. Most of its skins are strictly tied to Asia (you must specify local bank details during the registration process), and the English proficiency level of the players is shallow. Most of the sites are offered only in the local language.

To attract new players from the region, IDNPoker uses either offline events or local websites. That could be the reason why the network doesn't have an online presence in the English-speaking market.

The network uses another unusual business model with skins: there are about 200 of them! So, it could be understood that running an IDN skin is very easy, cheap, and with minimum requirements. We all know for online poker's history that a network with such an organization is very likely to be fraudulent. And this is without considering the general network features described below:


IDNPoker software glitches

Despite the large volume of players, IDNPoker rooms have only a web-browser client, which is very similar to poker applications from social networks. Almost all traffic corresponds to Hold'em, Omaha and MTT appeared recently in the lobby. You can only play at one table per account, and you cannot choose to wait for the big blind when you enter the table.

Trackers are not supported. It is impossible to gather hand histories (only on the chat history).

Also, in the IDNPoker rooms, there are bugs never seen before in another poker room:

  • the disappearance of the hole cards in the board
  • hands dealt without a river
  • invisible players at the table


The gameplay in IDNPoker rooms has even more oddities, leading us to conclude that there is an almost complete lack of fair play. Players can enter at the table with a 20bb stack, which is a pleasure for local players. It is very often that the games are played all-in or fold.

During the game, the software doesn't recall the stack sizes. That is, you can double, quit the game, and immediately sit down at the same table with a 20bb stack or any other.

Collusion: The main feature of IDNPoker is legal multi-accounting. Of course, this is allowed so the players can play in multiple tables simultaneously, but IDN doesn't interfere with engaging collusion.

At the same time, deleting the chat at the cash tables doesn't prevent it: at one table, the same person can play using several nicknames. If Asians are famous for using bots and multi-accounts when playing MMORPG, what prevents them from doing the same thing in poker? In fact, this problem not only affects IDN. Collusion is also a reality in Chinese poker applications like PokerMaster. We advise our players on this and help to choose clubs without collusion.

Superusers: Back to IDNPoker, players have found examples of even more strange things, like the presence of unrealistic lucky users. One of these stars was "Anjing88". There is a 50-minute video in which he got 5 full-house and made many bizarre actions.

And here is another small example of his heads-up game.

As an example, "TUNTANG" won all his 12 all-ins. The probability of such an event is 0.0022%. Moreover, such players are not only at high stakes. The only reasonable explanation, in this case: superusers or bots.


For dessert, another big oddity of the IDNPoker rooms is the rake structure: 3% without caps, taken straight from the preflop action.

Worldpokerdeals and IDNPoker

Our site started working with IDN rooms almost as soon as it became known. In general, our players count rolled to zero, but in the end, we closed all the deals and added all the rooms to our "Blacklist": there are a lot of complaints about collusion and superusers, and the network showed no interests to somehow deal with them.


While the IDNPoker network does not show real results on changing the situation about the software, collusion, and they will not study the cases of players in "God mode," we will not remove it from our Blacklist and will not recommend playing there under any circumstances.

The network management seems to be happy with everything. For them, the traffic has grown, and the deposits and rake are the most important things. Suppose the Asian players continue playing on it, as they play poker on social networks (playing only for entertainment). There is no incentive for the network owners to change something in the network rooms.

IDNPoker shows no interest in entering other markets, and the growing lists of skins prove that it is not only easy to create it, but they are also trendy in the region.

IDNPoker main poker rooms

  • PokerDee;
  • Shen Poker;
  • Siam Poker;
  • 12Bet Poker;
  • M88Poker;
  • Poker Place88;
  • IG Poker 303;
  • TikTok777;
  • Aplikasi Poker;
  • IndoBet Poker;
  • Asia7 Poker;
  • Indo7 Poker;
  • Snail Poker;
  • Anap Poker;
  • Situs Poker.

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