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Aconcagua Poker (Golden Dragon Superholdings N.V.) is a Latin-American network headquartered in Argentina. They divide their operation per country using the same platform but with different skins and currencies; nevertheless, all games are inherently attached to the Argentina peso no matter the skin. If you are in a rush, we will save you time: we do not recommend playing here.

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Aconcagua Poker Skins

All skins share a player pool, and some even share a currency (usually Brazilian Real or Argentina Peso). Many of these websites are offline or abandoned, so agents give new ones when a player asks them.

  • Argentina: Aconcagua Poker
  • Bolivia: Bolivia Poker Live
  • Brazil: Brasil Poker Live
  • Caribe: Aconcagua Poker
  • Chile: Chile Poker Live
  • Costa Rica: CR Poker Live
  • Ecuador: Ecuador Poker Live
  • Paraguay: Guarani Poker Live
  • Mexico: Mex Poker Live
  • Peru: Peru Poker Live
  • Uruguay: Uru Poker Live
  • Venezuela: Vzla Poker Live

Aconcagua is a pure agent poker network. All deposits and withdrawals are processed by middlemen who run admin panels to add or remove chips at will. The site is also known for its unique anti-reg features like capping the monthly profits.

We have been aware of many problems with this network:

  • Eternal payments (+6 months)
  • Depreciation of chip rate
  • Untrustworthy agents

Surprisingly, Aconcagua got a license to operate in Spain, although according to our scouts, they have never managed to get any traffic.

If you want to know more about Aconcagua Poker, please reach our manager, Juan, to share more details about their operation.