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  • PokerKing Asia alternative
  • Reg-free field
  • Soft action at low and mid-stakes
  • No need to buy insurances 
  • No money guarantees
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We respond fast!
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Potato Poker review

Potato Poker is the latest Chinese poker room to arrive on the scene for Worldpokerdeals players. Potato Poker uses the same model introduced by PokerKing Asia (a Chinese application that changed the PokerMaster structure of several clubs to just one main club and a central cashier) or Red Dragon Poker. As for today, Potato Poker is a reg-free poker room because only a few affiliates are granting access to European and American players.

Low and mid-stakes players will find enough action at Potato Poker including a few PLO tables. Potato Poker is an application designed for mobile devices, and the client is available for iOS and Android. Our players will receive assistance to play at Potato Poker from a desktop PC.


The peak time at Potato Poker corresponds to the Chinese evening. During that time, over 25 tables are visible in the lobby:

NLHE (tables with a blue "Texas" label):

1/2(1) NL30: 18
2/4(2) NL60: 15
5/10(5) NL150: 6
10/20(10) NL300: 2

PLO (tables with a red "Omaha" label):

1/2(1) PLO30: 4
2/4(2) PLO60: 1

The number in brackets is the ante, and all tables have straddle equal to a big blind; therefore, a 1/2(1) table becomes a 2/4 one preflop. All NLHE tables are 8-max format and PLO is played 6-max format. All tables are part of the jackpot promotion, which gives prizes for getting strong hands (AAAA or better).


Potato Poker client is only available in Chinese language. The application is designed for mobile devices, but our players will get instructions to download and install the client on a desktop PC. 

The tables are played in Crystals, an internal currency used to avoid legal problems. 1 Crystal = 1 CNY, and 1USD = 6,7CNY approximately. Potato Poker also uses Beans, another internal currency which is used to charge a small tax to sit-down at the tables. 620 beans = 6 crystals (CNY) and can be bought directly into the application (just by clicking on the beans icon in the settings tab). A 10% tax in beans is charged when sitting at a table (if the table buy-in is 200CNY, 20 beans are deducted).

All tables are visible from the lobby and filters can be used to narrow the table selection. At the tables, the 4-color deck can be chosen, and the table background can be changed; the bet buttons can be customized, and a hand-history is available to all players including observers.

At the moment there is no support software of HUD available for Potato Poker.

Potato Poker software translations:

1. All tables / My Tables
2. Filters
3. Lobby
4. Communities
5. Statistics
6. Settings

1. Back
2. Reset
3. Texas Hold'em
4. Omaha
5. Tournaments (not played)
6. NiuNiu
7. Stakes
8. Players
9. Without Ante / Ante
10. Without Insurance / Insurance
11. Hide full tables
12. Apply

1. Nickname and ID
2. Crystals (1 crystal = 1 CNY)
3. Beans
4. Notes
5. Support
6. Settings


Worldpokerdeals processes deposit and withdrawals request from Potato Poker using the most widely accepted e-wallets: Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz, and also cryptocurrencies (BTC, USDT). A small fee is charged on every withdrawal; please confirm with our support team the current fee.

To process a deposit to your Potato Poker account, contact our team and they will guide you throughout the process.

Potato Poker uses a centralized cashier system; therefore we cannot offer money guarantees on player's bankroll. To request a withdrawal, simply follow these steps:

  • Click on the two spades icon [1], then click on the club icon [2]

  • Click on [1];

  • Click on [1]

  • Click on [1];
  • Enter the amount in CNY in [1] and click on [2]. If it's the first withdrawal you request, you'll be asked to set a withdrawal password.

  • Enter a withdrawal password [1] and click on [2];

Contact our team to process the withdrawal.


Potato Poker is currently one of the few options to play with Chinese fish in a non-reg infested field. As we cannot offer money guarantees, we ask our players to carefully consider the risks and only keep the minimum amount of money necessary to play.



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Asian Rooms Manager
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