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ClubGG Poker review

Rodion Longa

In 2021, the GGPoker network, recognized as the world's largest poker site, decided to enter the poker application market with its own development: ClubGG, a free application that competes with old-time players such as PPPoker or PokerBros. The app was created by NSUS Limited, the parent company of GGPoker.

ClubGG Poker is designed to host free games with friends and is available globally for Android, iOS, and Windows devices. The app is governed by the laws of the United States under the “Sweepstakes” modality. The application has inked up strategic alliances with recognized brands such as the World Series of Poker (WSOP), Asian Poker Tour (APT), and King's Resort, among others.

Just its name would be enough to attract the attention of the community; however, in this review, we check all the details to conclude whether it is safe to play at ClubGG poker, in addition to answering the most relevant questions:

  • How do the ClubGG clubs work?
  • What are Live Dollars?
  • What is the difference between the Platinum and the Standard subscription?
  • Can I qualify for the WSOP Main Event?
  • How to join private clubs?


ClubGG is a social gaming platform that provides no real money services. Any monetary value indicated in this article is solely and exclusively backed by the club owner.

How does ClubGG work?

ClubGG has two operating models:

  1. Sweepstakes: a system previously used by platforms that operate not only online poker but also lottery and other gambling events in the United States. It is a subscription model that allows you to play in exclusive tournaments of the platform and WSOP satellites.
  2. The traditional system of agents and clubs.

ClubGG clubs and agents inherit the popular system from other apps to turn their free chip games into exciting real money games. The mechanics are as follows:

  • Anyone can create a club (the steps are straightforward, and we will see them later). You can create any type and number of games, taking advantage of the ClubGG games portfolio.
  • The club owner creates a network of agents who are in charge of promoting access to it.
  • In principle, poker games at ClubGG are free (with play money); however, agents and clubs can give value to the chips independently.
  • Each club is an independent universe, although some can join to create an alliance and share traffic. It's like having many poker rooms and networks in one place.

In short, ClubGG is just the platform you play on, while the club organizes all the games. The agents promote these clubs and process all payments to complement the equation.

Players only have contact with agents, so the most important thing when playing is to do it through a reliable agent or affiliate like Worldpokerdeals.

ClubGG rakeback

Like other club apps, ClubGG does not have welcome bonuses or a rakeback offer, as its platform hosts free games. To access some exclusive promotions, it is necessary to subscribe.

However, club owners might offer private promotions to encourage you to join their games. We can highlight that they have confirmed that the costs of ClubGG are lower, so the rakeback for players tends to be higher than in other applications.

Contact our team for more information about our rakeback deal at ClubGG Poker.

Have a question? Contact us:
David Manager Wpd
Poker Apps Manager

Rake structure

The game organizer can choose the rake structure for his tables. The commission of the games varies between 3% and 5% and caps from 0.1BB-3BB to unlimited (games without cap).

We consider the rake structure to be fair. We recommend checking with your agent about the current structure to avoid later inconveniences.

Games and traffic

ClubGG emojis

ClubGG has expanded to various geographies. Our offer includes clubs based in the United States, Canada, and Australia, while some softer unions have players from India, Bangladesh, and Taiwan, among other Asian countries. High-rollers will prefer games with Israelis and Swiss.

There are also private clubs available only for VIP players!

Cash games

The cash games at ClubGG have NLH and PLO games, although we have seen a lot more action at the Omaha tables, both 4 and 5 cards, especially at medium and high levels.

  • No Limit Hold'em from $0.05/$0.10 up to $25/50. Some games with ante.
  • PLO4 and PLO5 from $0.10/$0.20 up to $25/$50 with ante.
  • Traffic in 6+ Hold'em is relatively low.

The best clubs have HU tables and private high-stakes tables for VIP players!


The tournaments are played in different formats (NLH, PLO, PLO5) with entries from $1 to $100 and guaranteed up to $10k, although during special series, these figures are usually much higher. Some clubs also hold SnG, but traffic is relatively low in this format. Regarding the games, there are regular tournaments, PKO, bounty, and freezeout.

In addition, tournament fans will be delighted to know that they can qualify for WSOP live events (including the world-famous $10,000 Main Event) through ClubGG.

WSOP Satellites

Since its inception, ClubGG has sent several players to different official World Series of Poker (WSOP) events every year. Usually, the packages include entry to the Main Event, accommodation for the entire duration of the series, plus access to VIP lounges, official merchandise, and special bonuses.

These satellites are reserved for Platinum subscribers.

ClubGG monthly subscription

The Sweepstakes model used by ClubGG is also the basis of other rooms operating in the United States, so we can say that its effectiveness has been proven.

The currency used in the subscription application is Live Dollars (L$), which can be used to register for live events, convert T$ to GGPoker, or transfer to bank accounts, cryptocurrencies, and Luxon Pay, among others.

There are two memberships:

  1. Standard: $9.99 per month: recommended if you just want to get features like Rabbit Hunt.
  2. Platinum: $49.99 per month: This membership, which may seem expensive, provides access to special tournaments with hundreds of thousands of guaranteed Live Dollars (L$), as well as access to satellites for WSOP events, all included in the subscription cost.

Among the benefits of the Platinum subscription, we highlight:

  • Unlimited Stage 1 access.
  • Loyalty bonus.
  • Final Stage re-entry.
  • Free access to GGClass (training platform).
  • Discount at GG Store.
  • Rabbit Hunt, Splash, River Squeeze, NFT avatars.

Reliability and trustworthiness

  • Established: 2021.
  • License: no need.
  • RNG Certificate: yes.
  • Identity verification: not required to play in clubs, required for subscription and Sweepstakes.

As ClubGG Poker was developed by the GGPoker network, we can say that the app's reliability in terms of fair play is assured. ClubGG Poker has an RNG certificate issued by bmm testlabs.

The app does not offer real money games, so it does not require a license. Platinum subscribers must verify their accounts with documents to use Live Dollars or qualify for live events.

However, just like any other club app, the security of your funds will depend directly on your agent/affiliate. ClubGG does not organize or endorse any real money games and will not be able to help you if you are scammed by an unscrupulous agent.

ClubGG support

You can contact ClubGG Poker customer service via email at [email protected]; however, keep in mind that the application does not provide any kind of support regarding the operation of the clubs beyond the operation of the platform. 

Contact your agent directly if you have any queries regarding the club you are playing for.

Deposits and cashouts

The only real money transactions that exist at ClubGG Poker are buying diamonds and paying for a Platinum membership. All games are played with play money or Live Dollars ($), and chips have no real value.

You must always remember that ClubGG is not responsible for any real money transactions since these are made between private parties (players, agents, and clubs).

However, among the most used payment methods by agents are cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or USDT, with minimum deposits starting from $100 and withdrawals up to 24 hours.

ClubGG app software review

ClubGG Poker Client

ClubGG Poker is available globally on the Apple App Store, and Google Play Store and also has a Windows 10 native client. The client's design is similar to that of other club-based apps. Basic player information is displayed at the top, and different buttons at the bottom provide access to different sections:

  1. Club: in this tab, you will find all the clubs to which the player belongs, in addition to having the option to create a new one.
  2. Membership: Central buttons that provide access to the live event calendar, Stages 1, 2, and Final Stage.
  3. Profile: Player's personal data, Live Dollar balance, memberships.

The design of the ClubGG Poker tables is reminiscent of the mobile client of the GGPoker network. Classic emojis are available to show your emotions in games. There are standard buttons for betting (jackpot, 2BB), and a vertical bar and numeric keypad allow you to change the amount or go all-in. Tables are only displayed in portrait mode. The chips can be displayed in BB, and several decks are available. You can play on up to four tables simultaneously.

Bots, solvers, and any kind of real-time assistance are prohibited.

The ClubGG Poker client is very well designed in general terms.

How to create a ClubGG Poker club?

Creating a club at Club GG is effortless. With just a few clicks, you will be able to host games for your friends:

  1. Click on "Create Club" in the main lobby.

    ClubGG Poker create a club

  2. Choose a name and an avatar, and click on Create.

    ClubGG Create a new club

  3. The app will confirm the club creation and show the ID and other details. Click on Enter.

That's all you need to create a club. Your friends can now send a request to your club with the ID. However, the host also needs to create tables to start playing.

  1. Enter the club and click on the "Create New Table" button in the top-left part.

    ClubGG Create a table

  2. Choose the game format.
  3. Enter the details of the new table:

    • Ring game or tournament, table name, number of players
    • Action time, blinds, ante (if any)
    • Buy-in (with a fee for MTT), Rake
    • MTT options: Guaranteed prize, payout structure, blind structure, and break time 
    • All-in insurance, Run it Multi-time, Game length (it can be extended automatically)
    • Restrictions (IP, GPS, Device, Chatting).

Game hosts can also add a VPIP% restriction to protect casual players. To do this, choose a VPIP percentage and the number of hands, and any player who does not meet this requisite won't be allowed to play.

GGPoker vs. ClubGG

GGPoker develops ClubGG, but they are not the same. While the GGPoker network remains the world's largest poker site, Club GG has focused on the club system and an ingenious Sweepstakes-type subscription system specially designed to serve players from the United States. Your GGPoker account will not work on ClubGG. You will have to create a new one.

The ClubGG app is very similar to the GGPoker mobile client, with marked differences between the clubs and the subscription.

If you like the design of the tables and the mechanics of the games at GGPoker, you will undoubtedly enjoy excellent games at ClubGG.

Summary: Pros and cons of playing at ClubGG

ClubGG is set to change the club app market, just as GGPoker did with the real money poker industry. The best ones will be available exclusively to our players.

Backed by GGPoker
A monthly subscription is required to participate in tournaments and satellites
Modern client
An agent is required for real-money games
Free games with friends
Independent clubs disperse traffic
Satellites for WSOP live events

Please contact our team if you want more information about ClubGG and the best clubs to play with the highest rakeback on the market. We are online seven days a week!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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✅ How to get ClubGG chips?
✅ How to join a ClubGG club?
✅Does ClubGG have promotions?
✅Can I use HUD?


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