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Layout for IPoker

The layout is suitable for all rooms on the IPoker network. It works only with the IPoker Tools program. The default cards were replaced by cleaner ones, the design of the bet sizing buttons and the entire table were also improved. 

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Ipoker layout features

The layout can only be installed with iPoker Tools. It is paid ($30 per year). The trial version runs for 31 days.

  • Completely dark plain tables.
  • Selective use of individual elements, for example, only cards.
  •  Plenty of room to place the HUD.
  • The new deck is clearly visible and distinguishable on tables with minimal dimensions.
  • Large fill of  notes.

Installation instructions

  1. Install the latest version of your poker room client and iPoker Tools.
  2. Copy the “Layout” folder (with all its contents) in replacement to the folder where the iPoker Tools program is installed.
  3. Configure the client to run as an administrator.

    Right-click on the desktop shortcut and select “Properties”. On the compatibility tab, enable “Level Permission” > Run this program as an administrator (in Windows 10, enable "Settings" > Run this program as an administrator).

    If you configure it differently, then “room: Not Admin” will be written in the status line of the program.
  4. Uncheck the Show Avatars box.

    Ipoker layoiut options client
  5. Uncheck the Show Avatars box.In the iPoker Tools settings, set the following parameters:

    Ipoker tools options layout
  6. Additionally, in the “Editor” tab (Hide, Front), you can remove any unnecessary elements from the table and change the color of some labels.  But they are not relevant for the layout to work. 

How to launch an iPoker layout

Due to the peculiarities of the Playtech poker software, the layout for it must be run every time before the start of the session:

  1. Start the iPoker Tools program.
  2. We run the client, but do not log into it.
  3. Click on “Start” in the Tool.
  4. Log into the room.
  5. Minimize iPoker Tools.

What if the file with the layout is not unpacked?

This problem is solved by replacing the file with WinRAR or updating it to the latest version. If you could not install the layout or open the file, write to our manager.



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