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Antonis Karis and George Skarparis: Unveiling poker apps scammers

Worldpokerdeals has a strong reputation among the poker community. We were recognized as the best poker affiliate in 2019, and our service is trusted by hundreds of players, pros and casual. This is why we are adding Antonis Karis and George Skarparis to a blacklist of poker agents after they stole $5k from us for no reason.

Antonis Karis and George Skarparis: Unveiling poker apps scammers

Antonis Karis and George Skarparis: Rogue agents 

Today we are adding two poker agents to our blacklist:

  • Antonis Karis
  • George Skarparis
  • Planet Poker Club, ID 196631
  • Lexus Poker Club, ID 200401
  • Ritz Club, ID 208077
  • JE Dynasty, ID 89940

Long story short, they offered us a deal at different clubs, and after only two weeks of work, they accused us of being cheaters and seized $4,990. No single piece of evidence was provided. We highlight that Antonis Karis took this decision unilaterally and not the union, which is the standard procedure.

Antonis Karis poker scammer

We encourage all poker rooms and agents to work hard towards having a safe environment to play, and we cooperate directly with several security teams: all blocked accounts with seized money are followed by an investigation in which more details are revealed.

George Skarparis Poker Scammer

What about our players?

Our players were covered by our deposit guarantee, so this portion of their bankrolls is safe. However, scammers ran away without reason stealing $4,990. They have played with us for a long-time at several sites and clubs, and we have received not a single complaint.

Worldpokerdeals offers its players different kinds of money guarantees (full bankroll, deposit), and our team confirms all the details before sending any money. Although players understand the risks of playing at those sites, being scammed for no reason is out of the question.

Beware of Planet Poker Club (196631), Lexus Poker Club (200401), Ritz Club (208077), JE Dynasty (89940), Antonis Karis, and George Skarparis

Poker apps scammers

We warn all players, agents, and affiliates to avoid any business with Antonis Karis and George Skarparis and the following clubs: Planet, Lexus, and JE Dynasty. We will inform all our colleagues and poker sites about the scam, and, as usual, we are ready to provide any evidence to a reputable party.

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Vargoso 02.04.21
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