Doug Polk forms a committee to recall Las Vegas Mayor


Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman became famous after a "crazy" interview on CNN, where she said many inconsistencies about how to fight the Coronavirus outbreak. This episode haunts her: people said her career was over, and now a committee has been formed to recall her election, led by a former professional poker player.


Committee to recall the mayor of Las Vegas

On April 23, Doug Polk asked for help on his Twitter account to get a "Notice of intent to recall notarized":

Polk Recall Twitter

This tweet had 13 responses and only five retweets, although 47 people liked it. But then, just a day later, another tweet had over 40 responses, and he started getting some help. Polk mentioned that the action would include Daniel Negreanu.

It all started after a rare interview broadcast on CNN, where Mayor Goodman pushed to reopen the city of Las Vegas without offering any explanation on how to fight the Covid-19 outbreak.

A 20-minute video explaining the reasons to recall Mayor Goodman has more than 15k views on YouTube. Polk shared that Goodman has been Mayor since 2011, and prior to that, her husband, Oscar Goodman, had been in the office since 1999.

In the video, Polk went throughout the interview and said that "nobody cares how sensitive casino owners are feeling now", and that people were worried about the middle-class and lower-class workers.

Polk goes no further, and his only argument is the crazy interview, incoherence after incoherence from the Mayor, especially when Goodman said that she offered Las Vegas as a control group.

In short, that's the Polk's main argument for officially calling for a recall election of the Mayor of Las Vegas is to the irresponsibility of such a statement.

"She is barely able to speak coherent sentences while discussing the subject matter. She is unfit to serve as the Mayor of Las Vegas."

On May 6, Doug announced that he got the signatures to start the petition, and he had a meeting with the City Clerk to verify the paperwork. This tweet got 126 comments, and 809 likes, which means that the campaign is getting some interest.

"I don't want to recall the Mayor just because she wants to reopen Las Vegas. She also cares more about the "sensitive" casino owners' interests than the people of Las Vegas. Additionally, she was unable to maintain a conversation with functional sentences."

Now, the recall committee has 90 days to submit a petition with 25% of the voters of the last election, 6,745 people in total (almost 27k voted in 2019).

If Polk manages to get all the required signatures, a new election will be run, and Goodman will have a chance to compete again. Doug said that anyone would be better than the current Mayor.

The website was launched, and many people have requested recall kits to sign the petition; also, the Twitter account @RecallGoodman was opened, although now it hardly has followers.

Mayor Goodman commented on the recall:

"Regarding recall effort: This is America. That's his choice."

On May 7, Polk confirmed that the City Clerk replied that the petition to recall was official. In three months, we will know if Polk had succeeded with the recall petition, but one thing is clear: many players are upset with Carolyn Goodman, and the political costs of her comments are just beginning.

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