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$200,000,000 GGPoker World Festival


GGNetwork decided to remind everyone that it is the undisputed online poker leader and announced a tournament festival under the new brand GGPoker World Festival, which will be the largest in the industry's history with a guarantee of $200 million.

$200,000,000 GGPoker World Festival

Features of the series

Tournament series are one of the most popular trends for any poker site. Their scope indicates the level of popularity of the room among the players. 

During the pandemic, the biggest ones crossed the threshold of nine-digit guarantees for the first time. In 2022, GGNetwork set a record with the GG Online Championship with $150M GTD, and this year decided to raise the bar even higher.

From April 30 to June 6, 2023, GGPoker will host the biggest tournament series in online poker history - $200,000,000 GTD GGPoker World Festival.

In total, almost 950 tournaments are scheduled, among which the organizers highlight 15 multi-day events:

8 May$5 Global MILLION$ Mystery Bounty Grand Opening [Final]$5.00$1,000,000
7 May$5.40 Omaholic Bounty Mini MILLION$ [Final Stage]$5.40$100,000
7 May¥5.40 Zodiac Bounty Mini MILLION$ [Final Stage]¥5.40¥188,000
15 May$50 Global MILLION$ World Celebration [Day 2]$50$2,023,000
14 May$54 Omaholic Bounty MILLION$ Special Edition [Final Stage]$54$300,000
14 May¥54 Zodiac Bounty MILLION$ Special Edition [Final Stage]¥54.00¥880,000
22 May$500 Global MILLION$ World Festival 5 Million [Day 2]$500$5,000,000
21 May$525 Omaholic MILLION$ Mystery Bounty [Final Stage]$525$1,000,000
21 May¥525 Zodiac MILLION$ Mystery Bounty [Final Stage]¥525¥2,500,000
29 May$1,500 GGWF 2023 Main Event [Day 2]$1,500$8,000,000
29 May$1,500 Omaholic Bounty Main Event [PLO-NL, Day 2]$1,500$1,500,000
29 May¥1,500 Zodiac Bounty Main Event [Final Stage]¥1,500¥5,000,000
5 June$10,300 Super MILLION$ World Festival 10 Million [Day 2]$10,300$10,000,000
4 June$10,300 Super MILLION$ Omaholic Edition$10,300$1,000,000
4 June¥10,300 Super MILLION$ Zodiac Edition¥10,300¥2,500,000
  • The buy-in ranges from $2.5 to $25,500.
  • Guarantees for at least half of one–day events - from $100K.
  • Tournaments are scheduled to attract worldwide players starting in American, Asian, and European time zones.
  • Each event (the same name and format) has four tournaments with different entries.
  • A large satellite grid is available, especially for large tournaments.

The full schedule of the GGPoker World Festival is available here.


Four leaderboards with $100,000 added each will reward the most active players of the series:

  • Low $2,5+
  • Medium $25+
  • High $150+
  • Super $1,000+

You can track your position in the leaderboards on the room's website. Points are credited according to the following formula:

Leaderboard Point = Log (Prize Pool) / Sqrt (Relative Rank), Relative Rank = Position / Number of Entrants

That is, within each rating, it doesn't matter the tournament's buy-in but the number of participants and the prize pool. The most massive events will give more points.

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  • GGpoker UK
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