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  • Legal GG Network skin
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  • Action across all stakes
  • Millions of dollars in monthly promotions
  • Exclusive monthly $6,500 Rake Race
  • Exclusive $500 monthly freeroll
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We respond fast!
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GGpoker review

GGPoker — is the flagship poker room of the GG Network, which has quickly become one of the leaders in the online poker industry. The network fills its tables with thousands of players from Asia, Europe, and America. 

The company has its headquarters in Dublin and we have interviewed Jean-Christophe Antoine, head of the entire network. Therefore, this skin is responsible for drawing the attention of players living in the UK.

One of the main reasons for the success of the network is its unique “Security & Ecology Agreement” which in short defines how to handle the relationship between amateurs, professionals, and the poker room.

GGPoker Welcome bonus

GGPoker Welcome Bonus

You will be able to choose one of two welcome bonuses for your first deposit at GGPoker:

  • 100% matched bonus up to $600: paid in $5 chunks for every $20 net rake (please check PVI rake), 90 days wagering time;
  • Up to $100 in cash and free tickets: all rewards will expire after 30 days

Attention! You cannot clear the bonus cash at Rush & Cash (fast-fold poker) tables.

How to get the GGPoker welcome bonus?

  1. Register an account;
  2. Deposit at least $20 and choose a bonus from the dropdown menu;
  3. $600 matched bonus: your account will be credited with a bonus balance according to your deposit.
  4. $100 in rewards: you'll get free tickets up to $40 during the following six days, and $60 in additional rewards for playing;

GGPoker gives up to $300 in extra bonuses for new players in the Honeymoon for Newcomers promotion.

Daily challenges will be assigned for 30 days; tasks include playing a specific number of hands or winning a jackpot. Please note that you must opt-in the client to benefit from this bonus.

United States Unfortunately this poker room is unavailable in United States
We respond fast!
Live chat and general inquiries

GGPoker Rakeback

Rakeback is the return of a percentage of the rake paid at the tables. It's one of the most crucial bonuses for players because it guarantees an income regardless of the result at the tables. Such promotions can include leaderboards, rake races, etc. Let's see what's the overall rakeback deal at GGPoker.

GG Poker offers a wide selection of bonuses besides the rakeback program and monthly promotions. The good news is that the poker network launches promotions to all kinds of players, so no matter what stake you play, you can benefit from these events.

Fish Buffet Rewards

GGPoker Fish Buffet

Fish Buffet is a semi-random VIP program that gives rakeback to players. All GGPoker players receive FB Points (FP) while playing. 100FP will be awarded for every $1 paid in PVI rake.

Their progress is displayed at each table. There are a total of 24 levels according to the points given, and those are divided into 8 statutes. Upon reaching each level, the poker player can spin a wheel that gives random awards.

Breakdown of GGPoker FishBuffet levels and rewards:

Rank  FPs to Earn (for each rank)  Time Limit (for each rank) Prize Range (for each rank) Average Cashback
The Platium  Weekly payout  365 days Flat Casback 60%
Platinum Shark           5.000.000  365 days Flat Casback 55%
Platinum Whale           3.000.000  365 days Flat Casback 50%
Gold Whale 1              120.000  30 days Spin ($120 - $1,200) 49%
Gold Whale 2              120.000  30 days Spin ($120 - $1,200) 48%
Gold Whale 3              120.000  30 days Spin ($120 - $1,200) 47%
Silver Whale 1              120.000  30 days Spin ($120 - $1,200) 46%
Silver Whale 2              120.000  30 days Spin ($120 - $1,200) 45%
Silver Whale 3              120.000  30 days Spin ($120 - $1,200) 44%
Bronze Whale 1              120.000  30 days Spin ($120 - $1,200) 43%
Bronze Whale 2              120.000  30 days Spin ($120 - $1,200) 42%
Bronze Whale 3              120.000  30 days Spin ($120 - $1,200) 41%
Platinum Octopus  Weekly payout  365 days Flat Casback 35%
Gold Octopus                60.000  30 days Spin ($60 - $360) 34%
Silver Octopus                60.000  30 days Spin ($60 - $360) 32%
Bronze Octopus                60.000  30 days Spin ($60 - $360) 30%
Gold Crab                12.000  15 days Spin ($12 - $60) 28%
Silver Crab                12.000  15 days Spin ($12 - $60) 27%
Bronze Crab                12.000  15 days Spin ($12 - $60) 26%
Gold Shrimp                  6.000  15 days Spin ($6 - $30) 24%
Silver Shrimp                  6.000  15 days Spin ($6 - $30) 23%
Bronze Shrimp                  6.000  15 days Spin ($6 - $30) 22%
Platinum Fish  Weekly payout  - Flat Casback 20%
Goldfish                  1.500  7 days Spin ($1.5 - $35) 17%
Plankton (Starting Level)                     750  7 days Spin ($0.75 - $2) 15%

Attention! GGPoker introduced Platinum levels with flat cashback in February 2021. You can always switch to a lower Platinum rank to get weekly cashback.

If you didn’t manage to reach a certain level in the required time, all FPs above the last level will be burned and credited with a 10% rakeback.

All GGPoker players are automatically registered on Fish Buffet (it's a permanent promotion). It means that you can get up to 100% cashback playing any of the games offered by the site.

To get more details please contact our team:




Email[email protected]

United States Unfortunately this poker room is unavailable in United States
We respond fast!
Live chat and general inquiries

GGPoker Rake structure

GGNetwork charges rake in a unique way, many of the features of this structure cannot be found in other sites:

  • The rake is taken preflop;

  • Indirect rake distribution (PVI).


Stake Rake Cap
$0.02 / $0.05 5% $0.5
$0.05 / $0.10 5% $1
$0.10 / $0.25 5% $2
$0.25 / $0.50 5% $4
$0.50 / $1 5% $5
$1 / $2 5% $6
$2 / $5 5% $8
$5 / $10 5% $10


Stake Rake Cap
$0.05 / $0.10 5% 3BB
$0.10 / $0.25 5% 3BB
$0.25 / $0.50 5% 2BB
$0.50 / $1 5% 2BB
$1 / $2 5% 2BB
$2 / $5 5% 1.5BB
$5 / $10 5% 1.5BB
$10 / $20 5% 1.5BB
$25 / $50++ 5% 1BB

6+ Hold’em — 3% from the pot;

Poker Tournaments — usually 10%.

Rush & Cash (NLH and PLO) – the rake is 5% at all stakes:

Stake Min Buy-In Max Buy-In Rake % Rake Cap
$1 \ $2 $100 $200 5% $6
$0.5 \ $1 $50 $100 5% $3
$0.25 \ $0.50 $25 $50 5% $1.50
$0.10 \ $0.25 $12 $25 5% $0.75
$0.05 \ $0.10 $5 $10 5% $0.30
$0.02 \ $0.05 $2 $5 5% $0.15
$0.01 \ $0.02 $1 $2 5% $0.06

PVI rake

PVI or Player Value Index is a special coefficient calculate for every player in the GGPoker network (except 6+ Hold’em). The PVI formula is not disclosed.

All we know is that PVI is constantly recalculated and it depends on the grinder results, his deposits, and cashouts.

According to our experience, regulars have a PVI less than 1, and amateurs more than 1. It is crucial for grinders because it affects the final rakeback calculations.

Find out more details about GGpoker PVI rake.

Traffic and games

In 2020 the GGPoker network ranks 2-3 in the poker networks ranking, which is an incredible result for a site founded only 6 years ago. The action is around the clock at any stake or format, and over 50,000 connections can be spotted at any time.

GGPoker games unique features:

  • Buying and selling shares (staking);

  • Straddle — an additional preflop bet that gives the players the possibility to act last on the postflop;

  • Run it Twice — deal up to 3 additional boards after all-in;

  • Rabbit Hunt — a function to see the cards that would have been dealt if all the players didn’t fold;

  • All-In Insurance — an option to protect yourself against a bad beat.

Cash Games

ggpoker cash games

GGPoker is one of the few sites where the Omaha action is similar to Hold’em. Hundreds of games are available 24/7 and every day more poker players come to the tables attracted by good promotions and an excellent client.

The number of tables at low and mid-stakes exceeds 100, and high stakes over 20 tables can be spotted during the peak time. VIP games are available for high rollers with $200/$400 blinds.

Rush & Cash

Rush & Cash is the local version of fast-fold poker, a successful format launched under the name of Zoom by PokerStars; the action is measured by the number of connections per stake. Fast-fold Hold'em games start at NL2 to NL200, and over 500 players play during the prime time.

Recently GGPoker launched Rush & Cash Omaha, and more than 300 connections can be spotted around the clock.

Spin and Gold

GGPoker launched Spin&Gold in 2020 with unique features like insurance to avoid playing the X2 multipliers and a maximum prize pool of $1,000,000.

There are nine stakes available from $0,25 to $200, and according to our reviews, the probabilities are very similar compared to major poker sites like PokerStars.

Spin & Gold Challenge is the rakeback program where players can get up to 60% cashback by getting gold on the tables.


ggpoker tournaments

Every day the site hold dozen of regular tournaments. In addition, the network organizes many tournament series: the most famous is the Good Game Series, a festival that guaranteed $50M in its last edition.

All regular MTTs are divided into nine fixed groups in the client:

  1. GGPoker Exclusive — exclusive tournaments of this skin;

  2. GG Masters — special Sunday tournament and its satellites.

  3. High Roller — expensive tournaments with buy-ins from $210 to $5,000 and guaranteed prize pools up to $100,000;

  4. Daily GTD — daily events divided by the blind structure into several color groups. The six main events are called Daily Main Event and the buy-ins range from $22 to $250 and GTD prizes from $8,000 — $30,000;

  5. Bounty Hunters — tournaments with a bounty for knocking out opponents, with buy-ins up to $100 and guarantees up to 4,000;

  6. Omaholic — 16 daily Omaha events (buy-ins from $1 to $11 and GTD from $50 to $400). Please note that in PLO events the betting rule will be during pre-flop play, while the No limit betting rule will be applied during post flop play.

  7. Phoenix Rebuy — special events with rebuy. Only four events daily with entries up to $5 and guaranteed prizes up to $1,000;

  8. T$ Builder — poker tournaments without rake held every half hour with prizes in tournament dollars, which can be used in any other MTT of the site. 

All-In or Fold

AoF is an exclusive format of GGPoker and many amateurs join the games looking for the non-stopping action that this game offers.

The game was played in Yuan but recently the currency was changed to USD. The bets are placed using the “button-ante” system: all players put a mandatory bet of the same size before dealing cards, and the button pays two antes.

Games are available from NL25 to NL1k and PLO50 to PLO800; usually, more than 20 tables are being played per format.

Banking options

The poker room features a direct cashier with many options for users around the world:

Payment system Deposit Withdrawal
Visa $10-$1,500 $10-$1,500
Neteller $10-$5,000 $10-$5,000
Skrill $10-$50,000 $10-$5,000
ecoPayz $10-$50,000 $10-$5,000

Bitcoin and MuchBetter are also available to deposit, but the complete list depends on your location.

  • Withdrawal fee: $1;
  • Timeframe: 1-6 days
  • Monthly withdrawal limit: $50,000;
  • P2P transfers: Yes, you need to know the email address of the account you want to send the money. Before withdrawing the funds the player must pay in rake at least 10% of the transfer amount.

Before requesting a withdrawal, the poker room may ask you to verify your personal data; to do this, you must submit the following information:

  1. ID (passport, driver's license);
  2. Proof of address;
  3. Banking details.

All the process is done in the GGPoker Cashier or via e-mail.

GG Poker client review

ggpoker client

The software used by all the skins is the same one (only the logos and some exclusive promotions are different), and it’s state-of-the-art poker software that meets and even exceeds the modern requirements.

GGPoker client is available for Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS.

GGPoker Network prohibits the use of any additional software (trackers, automated seating tools, HUDs, etc.). Therefore, the client has two built-in features to give more information about the game:

  • SmartHUD: statistics on opponents;

  • PokerCraft: information about your own game.


PokerCraft gives access to download your hand history. Such HH can be added to tracking software to conduct post-session reviews.

Please note that GGPoker hand history deletes information about the villains, so you'll only be able to study your game.

Mobile app review

GGPoker has native clients for iOS and Android gadgets. The user interface is well designed and allows joining up to four games simultaneously.

The GGPoker mobile app must be download directly from the poker room website, where you will find detailed installation instructions. Apple users must request an up-to-date link to the poker room customer service.

GGPoker Customer Support

GGPoker customer service can be reached as follows:

A comprehensive FAQ is posted at the bottom of this article and the GGPoker website to immediately solve common questions.

Legal status and trustworthiness

Is GGPoker a legal and regulated online poker site? Yes! Besides holding a UKGC gambling license, the room also shares traffic with other regulated sites in the Baltics and other countries. As of January 12, 2021, GGPoker operates under a license issued by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. The expansion plan of the network includes legally dabble on several markets. Therefore you may not be able to join the games if poker has been prohibited in your country.

Please note that you must play under your local laws, which may include a minimum legal age to play (18 years old usually) and more depending on your country.

GGPoker is the only GGNetwork skin that holds an active gambling license from the British Gambling Commission. Therefore, grinders living in the UK are allowed to play and take advantage of all the promotions and events.

The restricted country list of GGPoker includes: United States, Spain, Colombia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland, among others.

GGPoker in the USA

In 2019 GGPoker filed an application to get a license in Pennsylvania, one of the five states that have legalized gambling in the US. Such a request is still under review. Most likely, GGNetwork will get an answer soon, and we will know if they launch their services in the US.

Public roadmap

In 2019 GG Poker decided to make public its roadmap, a Trello board where any person can check the future plans of the network, what new formats will be added, etc. Many novelties have been announced via the roadmap like new games and tournament series.

The site launched GGPoker TV to stream tournaments with open cards on Twitch with recognized hosts as Joe Stapleton and regular appearances of Team Pro members like Daniel Negreanu and ElkY.

GGPoker: The home of Daniel Negreanu

The Team GGPoker is composed of four of the most popular players of history:

  1. Daniel Negreanu: Daniel was a PokerStars ambassador for more than 10 years and in late 2019 he decided to join the GGPoker team to promote the room. Many of the ideas that Daniel publicly support like freezeout tournaments have been implemented in the platform.
  2. Bryn Kenney: Currently the player with most profits in history with $56M and many trophies like EPT, WSOP, PCA, Aussie Millions, Triton Poker, etc.
  3. Felipe “Mojave” Ramos: The youngest member of the team pro and surely the bet of the network to attract Latin American customers; Felipe is one of the best Brazilian grinders ever and has been recognized as the Most Inspiring Player.
  4. Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier: The French player joined GGPoker on April 16, 2020. ElkY is a member of the exclusive Triple Crown club for winning EPT, WPT and WSOP titles.

With its Team Pro, GG is using an old-fashioned strategy that has always worked in the past: recruit popular players, their fans will follow the lead.

Pros and cons of playing at GGPoker

We identify many benefits of playing at this site:

  • Hundreds of games available 24/7 of different formats and stakes;

  • Weak lineups especially from Asia;

  • A fine selection of regular monthly promotions both for regular players and amateurs;

  • Several MTTs throughout the day.

Of course, the site has its drawbacks:

  • All third-party software is banned;

  • The rake structure benefits amateur players affecting regs, with an indirect system named “PVI”; we must say that without this, the site would not have all the advantages it has.

Why play with us?

Worldpokerdeals is a leading company in the professional affiliate services market with vast experience in providing players the best conditions.

Please check out certificates and awards from the affiliate community:

apsw gaafg  gpwa igb best affiliate best poker website

At GGPoker our players receive:

  • Private promotions and tournament tickets in our Telegram channel;

  • Professional support on all issues seven days a week.

  • Exclusive $500 monthly freeroll.

  • Exclusive GGpoker monthly $6,500 Rake Race.

Reach our team to get more information about GGPoker room:




Email[email protected]

United States Unfortunately this poker room is unavailable in United States
We respond fast!
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