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Statname — state of the art poker statistics

Author: Vargoso Published: 23.10.18

Would you like to get more information about your opponents at the tables? Today we share information about a new service and a free way to get it. We are talking about Statname — a new poker statistics website.

Statname — state of the art poker statistics

Every professional poker player knows that statistics are the most important tool to make the right call to beat the tables. The more data we have about the opponents during the game, the smarter will be our actions.  In most cases, poker players use tracking software like Hold'em Manager, but these also have their own limitations and the database needs to be updated. Nowadays, Statname is the best tool to get up to date statistics on any poker players both at NLH or PLO tables.

What are the Statname advantages compared to similar resources?

  1. Room support — Statname works not only with PokerStars but also with iPoker, Chico, Winning, 888Poker and soon Microgaming will be added.
  2. Players database — 4-year statistics including 12 million players.
  3. Stakes coverage — all stakes are supported, both in Hold'em and Omaha.
  4. Speed — the player's nickname can be automatically searched using the buffer. Google Chrome users can use an extension.
  5. Integration — it works with all the programs that can copy nicknames: Magic Seat, StarsHelper, Stars Caption, 888 Caption, iPoker Tools, MPN Tools.
  6. Cost — until November 10 Statname service will be free of charge.
  7. Customer service — quick help with any issues from the service desk
  8. Top players — check out the current best poker players using the option "Top Players".
  9. User-friendly interface.

Now let's do a complete review of the Statname website:

How does Statname work?

After registering at the Statname website (only your email is needed), the account's site is this one:

On this site, before starting the search, you choose your preferred room or network and the period for which the statistics will be available (1, 3, 6, 12 months or all the time). After that, write down the player nickname you want to study into the search bar:

What functionality does Statname provide?

In the data window, the following tools are available:

1) Settings

  • Select the period for which you want to display the statistics.
  • Switch between three modes of displaying search results (Overview, Wingraph (in BB or USD), byGame (9 statistics are available).
  • Switch the graph ON/OFF.
  • Change the page's background (light or dark).

2) Brief player statistics (below the nickname indicates the last connection)

  • Total hands
  • Favorite limit
  • Winnings
  • bb/100
  • VPIP
  • PFR
  • 3Bet

3) Winnings

Two winning graphs are available, in Big Blind or USD per hands played

4) Detailed stats

More than 20 player stats with filters per game type (NLH, PLO), table size (HU, 6-max, 9-max).

5) Summary

General information about the number of hands, winnings, bb/100, VPIP, PFR per discipline and stake.

6) Month results


Statname creates new opportunities for its users to increase profits at the poker tables. Within a few seconds, you will have access to a full package of statistics of any poker player, popular or unknown. You will first see its main stats (number of hands, winnings, VPIP, PFR, 3Bet), and if this data is not enough to make the right decision, Statname will provide you a detailed information about the opponent's game according to the table position, table size or poker discipline. Thanks to a well-designed user interface, all the process will take just a few seconds and the data will be as clear as possible. Speed, convenience and right information are the Statname main advantages.

The service main function is to provide enough information to poker players to identify fish at the tables, their stats, and winnings.

The Statname developers claim that this is only the beginning. They plan to expand the tool capabilities in the future. Right now, their focus is to develop a cool product and at the same time you are using the tool you are supporting its development.

Hurry up to take advantage of this great opportunity to test the new poker statistics service Statname using this link.

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