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  • Neteller
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  • Android
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Key facts
  • play from desktop PC
  • Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz cashouts
  • crazy action at high stakes
  • Full bankroll guarantee from WPD
  • HU games (PLO and NLH)
Our ratings
Game selection4.0
Bonuses and promotions3.0
Casual players4.0
Deposits and withdrawals2.5
Convenience of the software3.0

PokerMaster Review

Rodion Longa

PokerMaster is a new chinese private poker room, where the games at the tables takes place in with virtual currency. Main feature of PokerMaster is his exclusive orientation to mobile devices, as only iPad, iPhone and now Android versions are offered. Games are played in CNY and we scouted lots of action in high stakes up to NL6000.

According to last reports, at PokerMaster several world-famous high rollers play at the highest limits available, and their cashouts volume from PokerMaster exceeds several hundred thousand dollars

Rake structure

As already mentioned above, PokerMaster does not charge rake in the usual meaning from each hand. Instead, after the end of the game session, at each individual table, the winners, i.e. players who are up by the end of the gaming session pay withdrawal commission at the rate of 5%  from the winning amount. So, if you finished the game at the table and won +10.000 CNY, you will receive 9.500 CNY at the cashier. Players who lost do not pay anything.

Traffic overview

PokerMaster gameplay is very unique:

  • Games are started by players according to particular needs (blinds, ante, buy-in, game length)
  • You can also join an existing table.
  • The majority of players are from China

Main action at PokerMaster can be found in the Hold'em tables, where players have no trouble to find tables starting at NL600 up to NL6000 with $30 ante. High stakes tables are countless, most of them usually full, but we can give access to all tables; action is very loose and expensive.

PLO action is also very decent and SH tables are full at up to the highest stakes.

We recommend PokerMaster only to high stakes players, minimum NL600 / PL600. In PokerMaster you can only play one table per device at the time, but with our special deal, you can play from your personal computer.

You can also find MTT and SNG tables in PokerMaster, and Six-Plus Hold'em, an additional variant of the traditional Texas Hold'em. PokerMaster offers a cool bad beat insurance when you are all-in.

Software and trackers support


PokerMaster only offer iPad, iPhone and Android applications, available directly from App Store and Play Store. You can only play at one table at the time per mobile device.

Software is friendly and includes a section with advanced game statistics such as VPIP, raise preflop, etc.

Get in touch with our manager to get a special deal and play in PokerMaster on your computer. There is no HUD available at the time for PokerMaster, but we are working in a solution for all WPD players.

Our VIP members are provided with a setup to play Pokermaster from desktop PC.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

At Pokermaster games are played in CNY (Chinese Yuan). Actual rate can be checked here.

As for 4/2017 1 USD = 7 CNY.

Agent system is used to deposit and cashout from PokerMaster, which in WorldPokerDeals is fast and secure. We accept and pay money through Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz, Bitcoin.

Cashouts have a small % that compensates the fact that there is no rake in PokerMaster.


PokerMaster offers a unique and original gameplay, very similar to a private poker club to play with friends:

  • Games can only be accessed from mobile devices (WorldPokerDeals players may play from PC!)
  • Bad-beat insurance is available at the tables
  • Customer service available via voice chat.
  • Advanced statistics available directly on the software
  • Friendly software

We highly recommend to play in PokerMaster for high stakes players, only from NL600 up to NL10.000 (PL600 - PL10.000). We consider PokerMaster one of the best current options to play with loose chinese High Stakes Poker players. Not having HUD may represent an issue for regular players, plus restriction to play only at one table per mobile device may be inconvenient for high volume players. Our players also have access to nosebleed games up to NL10K$.

Playing NL600 $ + and look for the weakest private games with Asian players? Contact us to discuss a private deal and get feedback about PokerMaster from other PRO-grinders.