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Zynga Poker revenue growth and the positive prospects of mobile online poker

Author: Vargoso Published: 16.05.18

Recently, two giants of the poker industry, though located on different sides of the "barricade", PokerStars and Zynga Poker, published their financial statements for the first quarter of 2018.

Zynga Poker revenue growth and the positive prospects of mobile online poker

For this period, PokerStars received incomes of 246 million dollars, and Zynga received almost 48 million dollars (two years ago this figure was half as much!). And this despite the fact that in the Facebook poker app there is no rake and their creators only receive only with voluntary purchases of the players. And if you compare the size of the traffic, then Zynga can be called the largest poker room in the world.

But, there are also other applications in Europe, Russia, Asia, based on the principles of social poker, when the games at the tables are offered in play money and user buy themselves for real money chips and a variety of "bonus" in the games.

How is all this industry connected with real money poker rooms?

Money-spinning in social poker and players are a resource potentially ready to play in classic online poker. Actually, these poker apps have been evaluated by experts since their appearance.

The growth of popularity and turnover in them allows us to be optimistic about the future of online poker and the possibility of obtaining a permanent income in it. Poker apps around the world attract millions of new players, even in markets where conventional poker rooms cannot advertise themselves due to prohibitions. That is, social poker not only attracts new fish into the industry but also popularizes the games almost everywhere.

In the past years, there has been another level of interaction between these two sides of modern poker. We are talking about the Chinese poker applications working through agents with a private club system - PokerMaster, PokerLords, Thirteen Poker, Super Poker, PPPoker and many others. Them, as we all already know, were able to combine social poker and poker for real money. And now they provide the growth of the game at medium and high stakes with the weakest compositions.

Another important advantage of such applications is the ability to operate in regulated markets. It all started in China, whose authorities have recently realized about it and just decided to ban these applications (for more details about this topic please read this article), but now there are clubs with American players.

Worldpokerdeals is constantly monitoring changes in this area and is working on adding new private clubs and applications. Three more should be here soon.

The spread of this technology in the next years will provide access to markets with hundreds of millions of players already used to social poker, and who do not see anything bad in spending real money on it. It is possible that we will soon see applications and clubs with some of the world's largest Australian gamblers. And talking about Europe, there are enough countries with online poker restrictions and rich players who will not mind playing directly from their smartphone in expensive games. 

It is clear that because of the agency principle of organization of such applications, the growth will be slightly slower than conventional poker rooms, but the benefits that they give make them the most promising direction of development of modern online poker.

Follow the news on our website and you will always be aware of the best application in this new market.


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