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  • USDT
  • Android
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Key facts
  • Former PokerCommunity
  • Deposits and withdrawals via USDT
  • Action up to 25/50 CNY
  • Trackers and HUD via hand converter
  • Support seven days a week
Our ratings
Game selection3.5
Bonuses and promotions3.0
Casual players5.0
Deposits and withdrawals4.0
Convenience of the software3.0
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City of Poker (COP) App review

Rodion Longa

City of Poker (COP) is a "new wave" Chinese poker room formerly known as PokerCommunity (Fire Poker). The app was launched in the spring of 2019, but after rebranding in early 2021, the site got its current name and a brand new client.

The main differences from the older version: a direct cashier with cryptocurrencies (USDT), a traditional rake structure, and a friendly user interface in English. City of Poker has a common pool of players without a club system, featuring dozens of tables up to NL1.5k.

You can register an account using your phone number. City of Poker is open to Chinese players and to citizens of almost a hundred other countries, including the United States, Australia, etc.

Learn more about all the features of COP and what players it can suit in this review.

Bonuses and promotions

City of Poker does not offer a traditional bonus program, except for a few entertainment features (jackpots, all-in insurance). 

However, Chinese poker rooms have never been associated with rakeback. Their main feature is to grant access to extremely soft fields with Chinese fans at the tables. Its downside is the lack of any additional reward.

City of Poker rake

The rake is charged using the weighted contributed system, which is not standard for Chinese rooms, where a commission is usually taken only from the winning players after each game.

The rake depends on the number of players at the table:

  • 1% - 2 players
  • 2% - 3-4 players
  • 3% 5+ - players

Caps are defined on the same principle:

Stakes2 players3-4 players5+ players
¥0.20 (2)
¥0.40 (4)
¥0.60 (6)
¥0.40 (2)
¥0.80 (4)
¥1.20 (6)
¥2 (2)
¥4 (4)
¥6 (6)
¥5 (2.5)
¥6 (3)
¥12 (6)
¥6 (1.5)
¥8 (2)
¥16 (4)
¥8 (1.25)
¥9 (0.9)
¥18 (1.8)
¥10 (0.5)
¥10 (0.5)
¥20 (1)
¥10 (0.2)
¥12 (0.24)
¥25 (0.5)

City of Poker features a low rake, and the caps decrease with the growth of the stakes. In MTT, the fee is 10 %.

Games and traffic

  • Games: NLH 6-7-8-max, PLO 6-max, MTT
  • Average traffic: 300-400 players
  • Best time to play: from 14:00 to 20:00 European time.

Cash games at City of Poker are played mainly in Texas Hold'em. Tables are created in three formats, but the most popular ones include a "lucky" number, according to Chinese traditions: 8-max. Traffic peaks in the afternoon and early evening (CET time).

City of Poker has the following features:

  • Tables are created for a few hours (usually up to 6)
  • The game currency is the Chinese yuan.
  • All the tables have ante; games with straddle are shown as 1/2/4, which equals NL60.
  • The maximum stake is 25/50/100 (25), about $1.5k.

Average number of Hold'em tables:

0.05 / 0.1
0.1 / 0.2
0.5 / 1
1 / 2 and 1 / 2 (stradle 4)
2 / 4 and 2 / 4 (8)
5 / 10 and 5 / 10 (20)
10 / 20 (40)
25 / 50 (100)

Omaha is played at three stakes (1/2/4(1), 2/4/8(2), and 5/10/20(5), but there is no almost no action during the day.

Every day 1-2 turbo tournaments are held in the room with guarantees up to 100,000 RMB and buy-ins from ¥6.6 to ¥ 22.

Softness of the field

Mobile Chinese poker rooms have always been famous for their weak fields, and COP is no exception. Almost all players at the tables are Chinese citizens.

After PokerStars left the market, local fans had fewer opportunities to play, which gives the overhauled City of Poker a good chance of boosting its traffic and preserving the room's ecosystem.

Attitude towards professional players

  • Trackers: yes
  • Auto-seating scripts: none
  • Mining: no
  • Bumhunt: yes
  • Preflop charts: no

Unlike many other apps, COP did not build the "Great Wall of China" for non-Chinese players. The room accepts players from 76 countries, including the United States, Turkey, Brazil, Japan, India, and Australia.

The City of Poker administrators are aware of the influx of players from these countries, mainly regulars. In short, the attitude of the room towards regs can be called loyal.


City of Poker client

  • Supported platforms: Android, iOS

The City of Poker app was updated in early 2021. A modern graphical interface was deployed, but the overall functionality remains the same:

  • Vertical orientation of the tables.
  • English version.
  • Play from one account only at one table.
  • Play on PC via an emulator (how to use LDPLayer emulator to play in Asian poker apps?)
  • In the main menu of the client, there are filters above the list of tables, and below it the buttons "Lobby" and "Me" (personal profile).

The use of any trackers in COP is prohibited; nevertheless, players keep using them without any consequences. HM3 and PT4 statistics work via the Elite HUD Converter, and H2N requires a subscription to the "Asia" add-on.

The player can customize the appearance of the tables by choosing different themes and decks.

Reliability and trustworthiness

  • Established: 2019
  • License: no
  • RNG certificate: no
  • Identity verification: not needed
  • Guarantee from us: no

City of Poker belongs to the mobile Chinese poker room industry. Gambling in this country is prohibited, and local rooms, of course, do not receive licenses. Similarly, they are not particularly concerned about other mandatory attributes in classic rooms, like an RNG certificate and identity verification.

Hence, the main criterion in assessing the level of reliability of COP was our players' experience. You can report suspicious players to the Security Service of the room by clicking on their avatars.

Our managers are in constant contact with the room team and help transmit any feedback and promptly resolve any issues. Nevertheless, we advise you to keep the minimum amount required to play to minimize the risks.

Deposits and withdrawals

  • Supported currencies: Yuan and USDT

City of Poker has a direct cashier. Non-Chinese players can only use USDT for transactions (this coin is linked to the American dollar exchange rate).

The USD rate in the app is less than the official one by 1.4%. The money is automatically converted into yuan to the player's account.

All transfers must be made to the app's cashier. You can get into it either by clicking on the "+" icon in the top-right part of the lobby or the "Me" section.

The minimum transfer is ¥63.9 (about $10), and the maximum is ¥63,900 ($10,000).

Reach our manager to find out more information about how to deposit and withdraw from City of Poker.

Summary: Pros and cons

City of Poker is not the kind of poker room that we would recommend to any player. It is unlikely that beginners like it due to the complexity of its operation.

COP is suitable for those already familiar with Chinese poker rooms and are looking for weak lineups at medium and high stakes.


  • A single pool of tables.
  • A field with Chinese players.
  • Direct cashier with cryptos.
  • HUD compatibility.
  • MTT grid.


  • No desktop client.
  • Only one currency available.
  • Few cash games in formats different than Hold'em.

Why play with us?

Worldpokerdeals knows the Chinese poker market from the inside, and we have an unmatched experience for players, which results in fast and attentive customer service and a great game experience overall.

Feel free to check our awards and certificates from trusted affiliate communities:

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Our City of Poker players get:

  • A direct line with the room administrators.
  • Support seven days a week.

Contact us to create an account to start playing now:

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