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How to download and install LDPlayer emulator for Asian poker apps

The traffic in the booming Asian mobile poker applications is growing every day, and with this, the picture changes day after day. New poker applications have been introduced (Card Club), some other have moved to new platforms (Oh Poker and Poker Kingdom) and the software is also evolving. In this article, we are going to make a step by step manual to download, install and configure the new LDPlayer Android emulator, formerly known as Momo:

How to download and install LDPlayer emulator for Asian poker apps

1. Download and install the LDPlayer application from the website http://ldmnq.com

2. Use the following table to download the required APK file

Asian Poker App Link to .APK file
PokerMaster Download PokerMaster .APK file
PPPoker Download PPPoo ker .APK file

Card Club (嘻嘻俱乐部)

Download Card Club .APK file

Superpoker (超级扑克)

Download Superpoker .APK file
Oh Poker Download Oh Poker .APK file
Poker Kingdom Download Poker Kingdom .APK file

3. Installation may take a few minutes only:

4. After completing the installation of LDPlayer, click on the APK button on the right part of the software:

5. Choose the .APK file of the application you will play in:

6. After a few minutes, a message will pop-up in the bottom right part announcing that the software was correctly installed:

7. The new mobile application installed will show up on the desktop (in this case Poker Kingdom):


8. Use the credentials obtained from our manager to login and start playing.


How to play in multiple tables in Asian poker apps using the LDPlayer emulator?

One of the key factors to install an Android emulator like LDPlayer, is the possibility to multi table in the Asian poker apps, an option usually not available if you don't use several mobile devices (like using 4 iPads):

1. In the desktop, two icons will appear after installation, one is named LDMultiPlayer:

2. The following window will appear after launching the LDMultiPlayer application; click on "New/Clone" in the bottom part of the software:

3. Click on Clone Player to make an exact copy of a working emulator. We recommend to first install all the required mobile poker applications in one emulator and then clone it.

 4. You can create as many emulators as you need, but always remember you need a very good computer to run more than 4 tables simultaneously. To open any of the emulators, open the LDMultiPlayer application and click on "Start".

5. Enjoy your EV increase playing in the Asian poker apps:


Recommendations for Asian poker apps players:

  • A good computer is needed to play comfortably in the Asian apps, we recommend a desktop PC with at least 16GB of RAM memory.
  • If you are experiencing some lags, you can try this to solve it:
    • In the "Settings" of LDPlayer (the little icon with a wheel), you can increase the amount of memory used
    • Make sure virtualization is turned on in BIOS (the specific process for doing this depends on your computer model)
  • Our team is ready to solve any question about software installation for playing in the Asian poker apps.
  • All gaming or tests accounts must be requested from our manager

Skype: rodion_longa

Telegram: @iamlonga

Email: ceo@worldpokerdeals.com

Best regards,

Juan, Worldpokerdeals team

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