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  • Bitcoin
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Key facts
  • Direct cashier
  • Deposit and withdrawals via BTC/ETH
  • Up to 20/40CNY action
  • No need to buy insurance
  • No agent needed to play
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Game selection3.0
Bonuses and promotions3.0
Casual players3.0
Deposits and withdrawals3.0
Convenience of the software3.0
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PokerTime Review

Rodion Longa

PokerTime is a modern Chinese poker room, one of the real money poker apps industry leaders. PokerTime has earned this position due to the following advantages over other Chinese sites:

  • A general pool of players — the club system with different agents is not used. The games are organized and supported by the same team.
  • Account creation — the player can register and create an account using an email.
  • Deposits and withdrawals — all money transfers are processed via cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, USDT) by the player without third parties.
  • Fair gambling — a security team checks the games for all possible violations and conducts constant checks of suspicious accounts.

Nevertheless, PokerTime is not a classical poker room. When playing in, it is necessary to observe all security measures. Our recommendation is to keep the minimum bankroll possible on the account. Our players have also reported strange situations at the tables.

In this comprehensive review, we will answer the frequently asked questions of our customers:

  • Are there any bonuses at PokerTime?
  • Is PokerTime safe?
  • How can I start playing at PokerTime?

Bonuses and rakeback

PokerTime Rakeback

PokerTime doesn't offer rakeback like other Chinese rooms, but the Lucky Card promotion may appeal to casual players. A new lucky hand is announced every day. These are pocket cards that give a reward for getting it a certain number of times a day. The prize fund of the promotion is funded separately for each stake: 1bb of each pot is used.

However, our customers will get a VIP rakeback deal whose details can be confirmed with our manager. Please note that this makes PokerTime the only Chinese poker site with a regular cashback program.

Rake structure

Only winning players pay rake at PokerTime. If your results are negative at the end of a session, then no commission is taken. The rake percentage depends on the stake and the amount won:

  • Up to 5/10/20 — 5%.
  • From 10/20/40 — 4%.
  • Short Deck Hold'em — 2% at all stakes.

Although at first sight, this rake system seems unfair, according to our calculations, it's even better than the regular structure used by sites like PokerStars, and it encourages amateurs to stay at the tables as they play "for free."

Have a question? Contact us:
David Manager Wpd
Poker Apps Manager

Games and traffic

  • Average online 1000
  • Best time to play 24/7

PokerTime offers only NLH and Short Deck cash games. The traffic peaks correspond to the evenings in Asia when over 150 tables can be spotted in the lobby. We highlight the following features of the games:

  • Each table is created for 2-2,5 hours;
  • The games run with play money chips (PKC and PKT) at a rate of 1 chip = 1CNY ≈ $6,85;
  • The most popular format NLH 8-max and 6-7max at high stakes;
  • The game is played with ante and straddle;
  • Some tables have a minimum VPIP of at least 35% (tagged with an icon);
  • There are games at nine stakes from 0,1/0,2/04 to 50/100/200, which is approximately NL6 — NL3k;

6+ Hold'em is played with antes of 0,1 ($0,015) to 50 chips ($7,3), but there are no more than 4-5 active during peak time.

Game softness

You might be asking yourself: why would a Western player join PokerTime with all the hassle it implies? That's easy to answer. Because over 80% of the players are Asian amateurs, they have no other option to play online. Also, not many global affiliates offer deals at Poker time.

This combination leads to a virgin field in which casuals are the rule and not the exception.

Attitude towards PRO players

Although regs are not being banned at PokerTime, they are on their own there. Third-party software is banned (HUDs and the usual: bots and seating scripts), and the app itself is not very friendly.

So far, the PokerTime attitude towards regs is loyal, but they are so uncommon that we are walking in an unknown direction here. We do not recommend this site for heavy grinding but for opening a few tables only.

PokerTime software

PokerTime Client

The PokerTime app has the same interface as other Chinese mobile poker rooms. There is an English version, though.

  • The client is designed to work only on Android and iOS platforms;
  • One account = one table;
  • To play on a PC, you need to use an Android emulator. Our team is qualified to guide you through the installation process;
  • There are filters, a game list, and buttons to access the personal profile and the cashier in the client's main lobby.

The use of any support software at PokerTime is prohibited and can lead to an account banning.

Reliability and trustworthiness

What's the first thing coming to your mind when you find a product that is Chinese? Well, the same thing applies to poker rooms. With the exception of the extremely soft traffic, these sites arise many doubts:

  1. They are unlicensed.
  2. Customer service is not very attentive.
  3. Our customers have reported "strange" situations at the tables (collusion, chip dumping, etc.).
  4. A centralized cashier puts all eggs in one basket.

Nevertheless, we highlight that PokerTime holds a valid RNG certificate issued by GamingLabs, confirming the algorithm is not twisted.

Our recommendation is clear: our players should request periodic withdrawals and keep in the room only the amount necessary to grind.

Deposit and withdrawals

You can deposit and withdraw via three cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT. For the latest one, there is direct support from the Binance exchange (instructions).

The USDT exchange rate for deposits and withdrawals is the same, but there is a difference of 6%-8% when withdrawing funds for BTC and ETH.

Minimum deposit: USDT — $25.

Customer service

You can reach the PokerTime customer service via email: [email protected]

Alternatively, our manager will help you with any question you may have:

Conclusion: Pros and cons to play at Pokertime

PokerTime is not a room for everyone. It would only suit regs who already have experience at other Chinese sites and are willing to sacrifice comfort in exchange for soft tables. Casual players outside China have no reason to play here.

  • Weak field composed mainly by Chinese poker fans.
  • There is a general pool of tables with decent traffic up to NL3k.
  • Players create accounts and process transactions themselves.
  • Support for USDT and Binance with direct transfers.
  • Fair gambling team and RNG certificate issued by Gaming Laboratories International.

The dark side of the room:

  • Third-party software is banned.
  • Hidden commission due to the difference between buying and selling chips for cryptos.
  • Increased risks due to possible sanctions from the Chinese authorities.

Advantages of our affiliate service

Worldpokerdeals has been one of the leaders on the professional affiliate services market for poker players for many years. We guarantee the best conditions, and our support team provides top-notch customer service.

Our PokerTime players get:

  • VIP rakeback deal;
  • Support from an experienced team.

Reach our team to find out more information and start playing now.