Rules to stay safe in Chinese poker rooms


Usually, people only notice that there is a security flaw when a problem arises; this happens in real life, and of course, it also affects online poker players. While the security of games and funds is crucial, sometimes we forgot to do some basic controls and follow standard rules. In this article, we share in detail all the safety rules to grind in Chinese poker rooms.


Chinese poker room attributes

The Chinese poker industry is very different from the regular one. All poker rooms are mobile apps that began their journey back in 2017, and since then, it has evolved to offer games worldwide with many benefits and drawbacks for players. Considering that the market is still very young, players must follow many safety rules to avoid any problems.

What are the details of the Chinese poker rooms?

  • As we said before, all Chinese poker rooms are mobile apps that limit games to one table with one account. For multitabling, players create multiple accounts and use emulators or several gadgets. This practice is not prohibited in Chinese rooms;
  • All accounts are anonymous — they are simply linked to a phone number or email, and no personal data is recorded; there is no verification process or KYC either.

Therefore, in the first Chinese poker rooms, for example, PokerMaster, players engaged in dishonest practices like teamplay or colluding, often using a VPN for this purpose. This eventually led to the emergence of a new generation of Chinese sites that dominate the market today:

  • Without a club system;
  • With a single pool of tables;
  • With a specialized security team and stricter control over players.

Of course, the security teams of the new Chinese poker rooms are not at the level of similar units in traditional poker rooms, since they are young and inexperienced. But their work allowed the industry to overcome the first wave of dishonest players that suffered the first sites.

Understanding the above features will help you understand why it is essential to follow safety rules and why the Chinese sites have implemented additional security checks.

Seven golden safety rules in Chinese poker rooms

We have compiled a single list of the rules that both our players and we have applied with good results; compliance must minimize the possibility of any problem with your accounts in these rooms:

  1. Never use a VPN;
  2. Never sit down at a table with more than one account, even by mistake for a few seconds;
  3. Never use "hit and run," which means that you don't leave a table after a big win; in fact, it is desirable to stay at the table until the end;
  4. The more accounts you have, the higher the risk (no one likes regs now);
  5. Use all-in insurance when possible;
  6. Set your real geo-location in the GPS settings of Android emulators;
  7. Keep in mind that, the higher the stakes, the higher the risks. It's better to replace accounts that have many profits with new ones.

What to do if your accounts are blocked?

First of all, you need to find out the reason for the blockage; it's possible that your account is only being reviewed, and then you have to cooperate with the room support as much as possible.

If your accounts remain locked with seized money, the only option is to try to resolve the situation by proving that you are 100% sure of your innocence, work together with your agent, and wait for the investigation results.

Unfortunately, sometimes poker rooms make mistakes, even in such serious matters as closing accounts and confiscating money. Therefore, the player himself must take additional precautions like having just the bankroll necessary to play at the room. This is easy to do at PokerTime, a site with a direct cashier.

Worldpokerdeals: a reliable agent for Chinese poker rooms

Choosing the right agent is also a crucial factor in increasing the level of security in Chinese poker rooms. Right now, our company is working with four major Chinese poker rooms:

For example, we have been working with PokerTime for more than three months, and there has not been a single case of banned players. We have internal contacts with the poker rooms, and we are ready to protect the interests of honest players.

To get a safe deal at the best Chinese poker rooms of the moment, please contact our team:

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