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DriveHUD 2 is a next-generation HUD and database software. It was designed by professional poker players with a deep understanding of users' needs. Since the launch of the initial version back in 2016, software developers have received much feedback and suggestions from customers. Many of them have been considered and implemented into this new and improved release.


All-new Drive HUD 2

It offers numerous ways for in-depth analysis of the opponents' and your own strategy, be it cash games or tournaments. You can use reports, graphs, calculators, etc., to find leaks or the most profitable lines. There's also an option to practice your skills away from tables by passing poker quizzes.

If you still haven't found the perfect tracking software or just want to try something new, DriveHUD 2 would definitely be the way to go. Just take advantage of the fully functional 30-day free trial - without any restrictions and annoying unremovable trial alerts. There's also an option to import hands from HM3 or PT4 to try all the available features.

System requirements & Installation

You won't need the top-performing hardware to run DriveHUD 2. If your poker client runs well, DH2 should also do. Here are the requirements:

  • Processor: windows based CPU;
  • RAM: 4GB (8+ GB for optimum performance);
  • Hard drive space: 170MB;
  • Operating system: Windows 7+;
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 or higher. It is installed automatically if needed (~730MB).

DH2 doesn't require additional database server software, like PostgreSQL for PT4. Installation takes a couple of minutes. To activate the trial, you only have to enter your email.

We used a prehistoric PC (2.8GHz / 4GB) in our tests, and the HUD worked perfectly on four simultaneously opened 9-max tables.


To start, click the gear icon located in the upper-right corner of the main window. You can find all the available settings and adjust them if needed: choose between the dark (default) or light theme, select interface language, etc.

To import some hands, use the Import drop-down menu on the left side of the gear icon. Please note that you'd have to locate the processed hands folder (HM3/PT4) or the hand history folder of your poker room client.

Drive Hud 2 Main Window Eng

There are 5 sections in the main menu:

Dashboard (active by default)

The upper part consists of Gauges and Money Won graph. They show the main stats and results of the selected player. You can easily hide them if needed. There are 4 buttons below the Gauges:

  • Equity calculator (supports Hold 'em, Omaha, 6+);
  • Hand charts editor;
  • ICM calculator for tournaments;
  • Quiz generator.

Under those icons, you can see the list of available reports. The most recent hands from the selected report are shown on the right side. Double-click any of them to launch a replayer.

If you need any additional graphs to be displayed here, use the Add Widget button in the bottom-left part of the window.

Tournament. A dedicated section for tournament hands, results, and statistics.

R&D. Brand new section for in-depth postflop analysis (we'll get back to it later).


Apps. Several paid apps (hand converters, automated note-taking app, etc.), training products, rakeback deals, and more. Now let's familiarize ourselves with basic DH2 features first.

Stats and HUD

DH2 Hud and POP up Designer En

Stats are located in the HUD section of the main menu. They are divided into 14 categories, so you can pick the needed ones manually or use the search field located above the list. There are over 300 new stats in DH2, so you'd have plenty to choose from.

DH2 auto-detects all installed poker clients on the first launch and performs the required configurations for the automatic hand importing. Click the gear icon and choose the Site Settings tab if you'd like to check it.

HUD development

A custom HUD profile can be created in minutes. Thanks to the improved drag and drop HUD creator, the process became handier. You can help yourself by clicking the Video Tutorials button above All Stats. Here's a straightforward HUD that we created as an example:

Hud Designer Drive Hud 2 En

  • Player Name | Total Hands
  • VPIP% | PFR% | 3-Bet%
  • WTSD | W$SD

Customized Hud Created With Drive Hud 2 En

We recommend trying the pre-configured HUDs to see some of the advanced features in action. Here are the basic principles:

  1. Add any "Essential" element to the green "Preview / Design Screen" field;
  2. Move the required stats from the "All Stats" column to the "Selected Stats";
  3. They will be immediately shown in the green field;
  4. Right-click on any "Selected Stats" to configure its appearance (see below).

Choosing Stats in Drive Hud 2 En

Vs. Hero stats

Let's take a closer look at the "Vs. Hero Stat" option (see screenshot above). It is not active by default, so you must choose between any of the 2 available options:

  • Show stat and vs. Hero;
  • Show vs. Hero only.

You can hover the mouse over this stat with any of them selected to see a pop-up showing the "vs. Hero" data. So almost any stat can be configured to indicate how the opponents are playing versus you personally.

Alt Vs Hero Stats Drive Hud 2 En

Advanced features

Automated opponent player profiling allows you to determine the types of your opponents according to a certain set of rules and add a respective label to the HUD. You can use the default player types, modify them or add your own - just click the second icon to the right from the Selected Stats:

Player Type Window Drive Hud 2 En

The Pop-up Designer window helps to develop custom pop-ups. Just click any cell to add a stat and configure its properties. Here you will have to use the search feature instead of drag and drop.

Choosing Stats for POP Ups Drive Hud 2 En

To create more complex HUDs, you can use additional Pop-up and Floating elements below the Preview / Design Screen field.

HUD store

If you'd like to sell your custom-built HUD or share it for free, go to the Apps section of the main menu and choose the HUDs tab. There's also an option to buy someone's HUD.

Drive Hud 2 Hud Store En

At the moment of writing, there are only 16 free HUDs from the developers in the store, but the amount is constantly increasing. You can become the first to offer your own one, but you'd need to have a non-trial license for that.


It's time to return to the Dashboard section. There are 12 pre-configured reports below the Gauges, and the last of them is a Live Play Screen, which shows real-time data during your play. 

You can make some adjustments to report appearance by right-clicking on the report field and checking the required stats or unchecking the ones you don't need.

Here's a description of the 2 reports, which look pretty unique. Remember an automated opponent player profiling feature? Take a look at the Population report. It shows the trends of the playing field based on the predefined profiles:

Population Report Drive Hud 2 En

The next one is the Hand Chart Deviation report. Let's say you've developed a hand chart or received one from a friend or coach. Save it to DH2 via the hand charts editor, and try this report. You have to choose the particular session from the list, select a chart from the drop-down menu and click Run.

The report will show a list of all hands where you deviated from the selected chart. You can go through it and analyze whether it was profitable or not.

Hand Chart Deviation Report Drive Hud 2 En


The most important one is located within the same Dashboard section. Click on the arrow next to the "Money Won" text to see all the options. You may configure the graph's appearance and export it to an image.

Drive Hud 2 Graphs En Attachments

Of course, that's not all. The brand-new R&D section definitely deserves your attention, and it is a powerful tool to analyze postflop strategy.

You can thoroughly examine your game on all streets, including such moves as C-Betting and check-raising. Here's an example of the C-Betting analysis for the single raised pots:

Studying Post Flop Action With Customized Graphs Drive Hud 2 En

This graph shows Success rate% (red) and W$SD (blue) in relation to the C-Bet size.

Hand Replayer and Quizzes

Replayer can be launched from any DH2 section where you can see a hands list. Just double-click or right-click the required hand.

D H2 Hand Replayer En

In the upper-right corner, you can see 4 familiar buttons from the Dashboard section and 3 more, which allow you to:

  • Open DH2 forum in your browser;
  • Copy the hand history text in one of the 6 supported formats. It is convenient for posting hands to some popular forums, like 2+2;
  • Write hand notes.

There's also a very valuable feature for those who want to practice understanding ranges. Launch the equity calculator (first button) and check the "Auto generate opponent hand ranges" box. You will be shown the relevant opponent's ranges for all postflop streets. It's a very convenient way to check how many bluffs or value hands the villain could have in the particular spot. Moreover, the feature works even for the hands that went to showdown, so you could see the hole cards.

Another educational option comes in the form of quizzes (4th button). Just select any of the predefined charts or create and load your own. It is a great way to brush up your play in different spots: blind defense, cold calls, 3-bets, or push/fold for tournaments.

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