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Hand2Note is an advanced software for tracking hands and processing poker statistics, suitable for beginners and professional grinders. The tracker contains a set of general tools present in similar programs and many unique ones. We will discuss those in particular in our review.


Hand2Note: description and principle of operation

Hand2Note is based on the same principles as other popular poker trackers. The history of the hands you have played is saved on the computer; the software loads this information and displays statistics on you and your opponents. But the developers of H2N went further than the competitors from Holdem Manager 3 and PokerTracker 4 and created a tool with the broadest functionality on the market.

Hand2Note is the only tracker from the big three (H2N, HM3, and PT4) that can display positional and dynamic HUDs on tables (keep reading to learn more about this).

HUD or Heads Up Display is a unique tool that allows you to see statistics such as VPIP, PFR, 3bet, AF, etc., next to the villain's nickname in real-time.

The display of advanced statistics is implemented in the form of pop-ups. But, since in Hand2Note, the HUD is positional and dynamic, pop-ups become unnecessary in most cases. You do not make unnecessary "body movements," do not lose concentration, and save time.

Other advantages of the tracker include the use of innovative database compression algorithms, which positively affect the speed of the software. There is also a unique system of notes in a graphical form. You no longer need to manually write any text.

According to professional players, Hand2Note is the best software to use during the game. For deep analysis of statistics and check reports, some grinders prefer to use Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker. However, this is a matter of taste. The H2N functionality is quite enough for solving these problems.

Besides analyzing the main features of the software, this review will tell you how to use Hand2Note.

Hand2Note Game Analysis Tools

H2N boasts a wide variety of statistical reports allowing you to identify and fix leaks in the game.

There are also unique reports that HM3 or PT4 do not have, such as "Win Rate at tables without weak players," "Win rate depending on fish count," and so on.

H2n Reports and Filters

Flexible filters allow you to show statistics based on players' actions, positions, board textures, bet sizes, cards, and dozens of other parameters.

Decision Analysis

Decision Analysis is an additional H2N feature available with an EDGE or PRO subscription. It allows you to evaluate the profitability of your calls (action profit) in various gaming situations.

H2n Decision Analysis

Range Research

Tool for researching playing field trends. For example, how the regs play on average at your stake: how loose they 3bet preflop, how often they bet on the river, where the betting range is shifted, how they bluff on average, etc.

Range Research is perhaps one of the most potent Hand2Note features.

Displaying vs Hero statistics

In the HUD, ALL statistics are given with vsHero frequencies, which means how your opponents played explicitly against you.

Last showdown indicator

H2n Hhs With Showdown

When playing at many tables, it's not always possible to pay attention to what hands the fish showed on the showdown.

The H2N developers solved this problem by creating a tool that allows you to access such information in a few clicks.

Regular vs. Fish situations

Hand2Note has a function to identify amateurs and regulars. When this function is activated, the program will not consider the hands where the reg played against a weak opponent since pros usually play against them differently. This, the statistics will be as "clean" as possible.

H2n Regular Defined Settings

Hand2Note HUD

H2N has an innovative approach to Heads up Display. The program supports several types of HUDs:


The same HUD used by all tracking tools. Stats are displayed regardless of your position at the table and the action of players in front of you.

Hand2Note static HUD is allowed in all poker rooms where trackers are permitted.


The display of statistics on opponents is based on your current position at the table.

For example, in a preflop situation, when you have on BTN, the positional HUD displays only the information we need to decide in this situation; namely, the 3-bet calling frequency in the blinds against a potential open-raise. Or fold to 3bet and call to 3bet against BTN on the players to our right.

Positional HUDs are prohibited on PokerStars.


Displays statistics based on the actions of opponents in hand. For example, it shows the frequency of opening from an early position only if this opponent has made an open raise from UTG.

Dynamic HUD solves the problem of not having enough space in the table to display everything you need. Hundreds of stats in one compact block are now a reality.

The dynamic HUD supports the output of hand matrices directly to the tables based on frequencies. Thanks to this feature, there is no need to use popups in many spots.

The use of dynamic HUDS is prohibited on PokerStars.

H2n Hud

Automatic HUD

Independently determines the statistics that will be useful in a particular situation and dynamically displays them at the tables.

The most exciting feature of AutoHUD — it does not require any settings in the editor since the program chooses the necessary stats automatically. It can be used together with the default display as a compliment.

If you wish, you can disable this feature in the settings.

Visualization of frequencies and ranges

The tracker allows configuring Heads up Display and popups so that you can see heat maps of hands and a graphical display of the frequencies of opponents in different scenarios.

This facilitates the process of working with stats in real-time.

H2n Hud Popup

Quick Notes in H2N

The quick note system allows creating notes on your opponents with just two clicks. This feature will appeal to multi-tablers. Of course, you can create a template in advance.

H2N also allows adding the entire hand in the notes in a graphical form.

H2n Notes

Another essential feature is that you can link notes to specific stats.

For example, suppose you find that your opponent overbets on the river with a particular range. In that case, you can link this note to the "Bet River" stat instead of placing it in the general area.

This approach makes it easier to read notes if you have many per player.

HUD and popup editor

Here you can configure HUD profiles and popups, create your own stats, or integrate complex elements such as:

  • Preflop and postflop charts.
  • Multilevel tabs.
  • Badges.
  • Details about the showdown.

H2n Hud Editor

High performance

H2N has the fastest hand import feature among other trackers (up to 10,000 hands per second). Also, the hand database takes up very little hard drive space.

For example, 1 million hands require only about 500 megabytes.

H2n Import Hands

H2N also has a high response rate: popups, charts, notes are displayed instantly after clicking. And this, although many times more statistical data will be displayed than you are used to.

Hand2Note and PokerStars

PokerStars has introduced restrictions on some H2N features. In all other poker rooms where trackers are allowed, the tool works without restrictions.

Hand2Note automatically activates all restrictions, so there is no need to worry about receiving a warning from the room.

What is prohibited on PokerStars?

  • Positional and dynamic HUD
  • Preflop and postflop charts, hand matrices, heat maps (instead, only a list of hands categories will be displayed)
  • Automatic color labels on players
  • Badges

What other poker rooms does Hand2Note support?

The tracker developers claim to support more than 50 rooms, so we will list only those where it cannot be used, or it is possible but with reduced features:

H2N not allowed in*:

*Please note that no poker rooms have "banned" Hand2Note. In those sites, no tracking tool is allowed.

Functional limitations:


Hand2Note is free to download. The trial period is 30 days for regular poker rooms and 14 days for Chinese apps. The trial includes all the functionality of the tracker without restrictions.

At the end of the trial period, H2N will automatically switch to the free BASE version.

All the basic functions and tools are available in BASE, except for positional and dynamic HUD, advanced popup features, Range Research and Decision Analysis. There are no limits on stakes and it supports all types of poker: Hold'em and Omaha.

There are 3 paid subscription options for Hand2Note (there are no lifetime licenses):

  1. EDGE ($19.90 per month): includes all BASE features and access to Range Research, Decision Analysis, dynamic and positional HUDS, and advanced popups.
  2. ASIA ($29.99 per month): support for Chinese apps and basic features of Hand2Note "BASE"
  3. PRO ($49 per month): includes all EDGE and ASIA features.

For any questions you may have, please contact our manager. We are online seven days a week.

Have a question? Contact us:
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