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New level of working with stats: HUD/Popup/replayer/notes upgrade . Customization statistics and removing complex performance in a convenient format. Separation reg/fish spots, tracking/recording showdowns. 10% discount with promo code H2N10VQ

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In 2012, a professional poker team decided to introduce a world class competitor de PokerTracker 4 and Hold'em Manager 2. Its a fact that people who perfectly understand the poker statistics have contributed to the development of the program, adding to Hand2Note functionalities not available in other popular trackers.

Perhaps the main difference is the dynamic HUD, which in HM2 or PT4 is only available in classic version. A dynamic HUD allows you to have statistics based on a poker player position on the table or his stack.

Hand2Note main features:

- Dynamic HUD when playing

- Free version up to NL25

- High data processing speed with low technical requirements

- Full freedom to create new stats, pop-ups, notes.

Hand2Note support for rooms and networks:

Hand2Note works with PokerStars, 888 Poker, PartyPoker and iPoker. You can also have a HUD on some networks via hand converter. It should be noted that Hand2Note unlike PT4 and HM2 allows you to directly display statistics when playing SNAP poker on 888.

A 10% of discount is available using the code H2N10VQ

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