Bet365 restricts Skrill and Neteller for new accounts


Bet365 has made a significant change that significantly impacts poker players: starting this week, it won't be possible to fund new accounts using Skrill and Neteller, two of the most popular e-wallets for gambling purposes.


Skrill and Neteller: Banned from Bet365

Many users shared via Twitter and gambling forums that Skrill and Neteller disappeared from the cashier from newly created accounts. After reaching customer service, the rumors were confirmed: Bet365 (iPoker Network) disabled both e-wallets only to new accounts; it seems that old users still can process withdrawals to these payment processors, but at the moment, it's unconfirmed.

Why did Bet365 restricted Skrill and Neteller for new accounts?

That's why everyone is questioning why such a recognized company suddenly decided to turn off two of the most common e-wallet used by gamblers, especially poker players? As the company hasn't shared a press release, there are several theories online:

Bonus abuse and arbitrage betting

Most likely, this is the reason behind the Bet365 decision. Of course, we're not going to share a manual on how to deceive a gambling portal, but it was a common practice to buy and sell accounts to take advantage of welcome bonuses and get involved in arbitrage betting.

E-wallets like Skrill and Neteller are used to move the money around, and unfortunately, the site identified this practice and cut it from the root.

Bet365 Restricts Skrill Neteller

Payment processors fee

It's well known that payment processors charge high fees to operators (poker rooms, casinos). But it's unlikely that this is the reason for turning off the PaySafe products, because the sites have a "protection" measure for this, in the form of requesting minimum rake or bets.

Which payment processors are currently available for Bet365 players?

The only payment processors that are not available for new players now are Skrill and Neteller. However, all other methods like credit cards, Paysafecard, wires, PayPal are still available depending on your country.

Unfortunately for the poker community, there is no way around the Bet365 restrictions on deposits and withdrawals; if you want to join another iPoker skin that accepts Skrill and Neteller, please contact our team to get a top rakeback deal:

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