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Chico network published a list of prohibited software

Author: Vargoso Published: 28.12.20

An attractive New Year's gift to its players was made by the American network Chico. The rules about the use of third-party poker software have been heavily updated. They have categories of utilities, a list of forbidden functions, and suggestions for poker players who want to understand this issue.

Chico network published a list of prohibited software

Third-party software in Chico rooms

In the spring of 2019, Chico strongly worried regular poker players with the beginning of an active struggle with users of some programs, including auto-seating scripts and software for organizing multi-tabling.

For a more precise understanding by players of the network's requirements in this critical issue, its rules have recently been updated. Software not related to poker is also listed:

  • The use of virtual machines and any software for sharing remote access is forbidden.
  • VPN is forbidden if it is used to bypass any network rules.

Permitted software

Let's start with the nice. In total, the following software categories are allowed to be used with a working client in the Chico network rooms:

  • Basic Equity Calculators (odds' calculators and absolute strength of hands).
  • Static visual charts.
  • Soft with hotkeys and for organizing the gameplay without automation elements.
  • Trackers and HUD's as long as the information displayed is not based on the current session.

Chico Poker Network permitted software categories

Prohibited software

The Chico network refers to it as any tool that gives an unfair advantage: advice to specific game situations and smooth searching for reference materials using ICM calculations.

Specifically, these tools are divided into the following groups:

They immediately ban bots (HoldemPokerBot, Warbot, Hydra AI Poker Bot, Open Holdem, GTO tools (InstaGTO, SimplePostflop, UpToPoker, Poker Reader, TimeMojo, HirokuScript) and any software that automates the game or gives guidance in real-time.

  • Auto-seating scripts.
  • Advanced Equity calculators.
  • Dynamic charts.
  • Timing Randomizers.
  • Mining.
  • Hand converters.

Realizing that it is difficult to consider all the new software items in the Chico network, they use the following rule:

Chico Network rule for non-listed software

Player' opportunities

With all this, the players are not denied the possibility of feedback from the security service. If you want some program to be included in the "white" list, write to your poker room support with a description of its functions. The list of forbidden software is not out through revision.

In any case, if the customer service of the poker room reaches you about any software used during the game, you should provide all information. If you have some misunderstanding with any room representative, contact us for help.

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