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Crypto Poker Club: why was this poker room blacklisted by Worldpokerdeals?

Author: Vargoso Published: 19.06.20

Crypto Poker Club is a scam poker room. Unreasonable bans and seized funds. All the details in our article.

Crypto Poker Club: why was this poker room blacklisted by Worldpokerdeals?

Crypto Poker Club: basic information

Crypto Poker Club was launched on the cryptopoker market at the end of 2018. It claimed to be a leader among its own kind. The site developed its software, offered attractive bonuses and promotions, and had good traffic for a room with games in BTC and ETH.

Despite all of this, it remained a small site preferred by crypto enthusiasts and fans, and around 10 WPD players signed up to play at Crypto Poker Club. Until mid-2019, there were no problems in the poker room.

Crypto Poker Club: unjustified bans and non-payment of funds

In June 2019, one of our players was banned without any prior warnings. This happened immediately after the player complained about the site on its Telegram channel. However, after a long negotiation, we managed to return the player his 0.2 BTC.

But other of our clients, Alexander was much less lucky. Let's review the milestones of his problems with Crypto Poker Club:

First deposit bonus problems at Crypto Poker Club

The site credits this bonus right after the first deposit. The wagering terms are paying 2x rake. After three months, our player requested for a cashout, but after confirming with the poker room support that the bonus would be lost due to this (a common rule), Alexander decided to keep playing.

But, a couple of months later, the player realized that due to the low traffic at Crypto Poker Club, he may not be able to release the bonus and decided to withdraw the money. The poker room support responded to his request:

Canceling the bonus means removing all of it (regardless of the wagered share) and 50% of the remaining funds in your account!

That is, the player lost not only the bonus that he already won but also half of his bankroll. In previous emails, the support said nothing about this, which is a predatory term anyway.

It's clear that Alexander did not accept this and decided to stay. After six months (when the first deposit bonus wagering time expired), and the bonus was cleared by 90%, the player requested his rake statistics:

If the player fails to clear 100% of the bonus during the wagering time, the site grants another six months, and the amount of the required rake will be doubled based on the total amount of the bonus regardless of the part already released.

With an almost wagered bonus, Alexander was offered to get the same amount in rake (1.04 BTC). The player didn't give up here. He started playing indiscriminately at all tables, although his specialty is HU. And according to his calculations, he was able to clear all the bonus by the beginning of 2020, so he requested the withdrawal without any penalty. However, the drawbacks continued.

Bot accusation

Crypto Poker Club ban

By "coincidence," the player got an email saying that his account was being blocked for using bots and ghosting. Of course, all the funds were seized. What evidence did Crypto Poker Club provide for such serious charges?

  • According to their data, the account was allegedly playing 24 hours for several months, but there were days and even weeks when Alexander did not play. They caused the long sessions by asking the player to clear the bonus;
  • The player entered the games strictly at the same time. First of all, not all logins fell under these conditions, and of course, why can't a regular player have a fixed session schedule?
  • "Unnatural" fast landing on a large number of tables after logging in, while simultaneously closing all tables. Again, if the player is a regular with many years of experience, this is typical behavior, especially when he was obliged to play a lot to clear the bonus. It's also easy to drop all tables simultaneously — just close the main client window.

In other words, the poker room forced him to play to pay a lot of rake and then accused him of playing too much. Moreover, Alexander proposed to make a video recording of his session, as top poker rooms do when they check the use of bots, the site refused although its arguments were weak.

Furthermore, Crypto Poker Club ignored our claims as a poker affiliate to prove its ridiculous accusations.

As a result, the player lost several Bitcoins from his balance and in the form of rake paid throughout the time.

Other Crypto Poker Club oddities

On the 2+2 forum, there are several topics in which Crypto Poker Club players complained about the site for banning their accounts after the fourth withdrawal.

Our players also shared reports that they didn't see the winners of the regular rake race at the tables — it's impossible to rake thousands of dollars ionn a site with 150 connections.

As a result, it not surprising that we were forced to move Crypto Poker Club to our blacklist.


Finding the best fields to play and play in underground online poker rooms always involves increased risks. Nevertheless, stories like the one that happened with Crypto Poker Club are unfamiliar, which, of course, doesn't make the loss of money less tragic.

Playing in underground sites is always the players' choice. We, where we can, guarantee with our money the bankroll or the deposit of the players, and we always speak honestly about the risks inherent in a particular poker room. We hope that in the future we can avoid such scammers as much as possible.

If you have any problem with any poker room, please note that we are here to help you, contact us:

Telegram: @kapitonoff

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