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LuckyBet added to our blacklist: non-payment, money confiscation


Unfortunately, some online poker rooms decide to act unfairly and fail to fulfill their commitments to players and affiliates. Last year we worked fine with LuckyBet, but today we are adding the site to our blacklist due to unjustified confiscation of money from our players account after banning them.



The issues began two months ago:

  • Players (European ones) requested cash outs to the poker room but soon they complained about non-answer from the room support. Even though their poker accounts were still accessible and they could even join the tables.
  • Sometime later, these players reached us asking for help. We contacted the room representative and we were told us that these users and another 8 players (!) were using the same IP address, therefore their accounts were banned and all the winnings confiscated, and the deposits returned.
  • LuckyBet sent the following communication to the players:

"We have encountered that you're using an IP that have been used by other players, by our terms and conditions that's a breath of our terms, therefore, we will be refunding your account and blocking it";

  • After that, we asked for more information to LuckyBet representative, including specific evidence of the violations. In response, we were told that the case was under investigation by the network (the players were blocked by BetConstruct, the network itself) and that the poker room is not related. In the end, the poker room promised us more information, but over and over they failed in sending the details.

In general, that raise more questions than logical answers:

  • The players are no way connected, they even play at different stakes and disciplines (from micro-stakes MTT up to NL200), and never crossed their paths at the tables. 
  • The players were not accused of collusion, fraud, chip-dumping, or any other illegal behavior. The "crime" was that supposedly the players were using the same IP address.
  • Why is the room failing to act accordingly?
    • By not answering e-mails;
    • By not providing details or evidence;
  • In fact, they only answered when we as affiliates intervened for the players.

We could evidence some unprofessionalism from LuckyBet in the document verification process: the documents were uploaded by each player but these remained for over a month without being verified.

As a result, after 2 months of silence and having confiscated the player's winnings, it looks like LucklyBet has invented all this and just banned the winning players

The total amount claimed to LuckyBet is over $4,000:

  • Player 1 — $1069.83;
  • Player 2 — $996.10;
  • Player 3 — €2176,00.

As if this were not enough, LuckyBet is refusing to pay the affiliate commission: $348 in this case. The lack of adequate response by LuckyBet has forced us to publish this case and add the room into our "Blacklist". We won't stop until the players get their money back. We will update about this case in our blog.

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