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DriveHUD: intuitive software for poker pros

Author: Vargoso Published: 15.02.19

If you ask advice from professional poker players about online gaming, all of them would agree on the same, no matter the strategy they apply: playing online without a HUD is an EV- decision. Today we talk about a state of the art poker HUD: DriveHUD.

DriveHUD: intuitive software for poker pros

Drive HUD: intuitive poker HUD

DriveHUD is a poker tracking software launched in 2016 developed by Ace Poker Solutions which has been on the market since 2004. It started as a project from poker experts trying to make the user interface friendlier with the users (a few years ago, using a tracking software required almost professional training) and today it is a much more robust tool that includes filters, graphs, HUD customization, and even built-in GTO calculators.

DriveHUD can be used for No Limit Hold'em, Omaha, Sit&Go, and multi-table tournaments (MTT).

DriveHUD main features


From the hundreds of features available in DriveHUD, we would like to remark the following ones as the most important:

  • Tilt meter: DriveHUD uses an algorithm (the number of bad beats a player has received, his latest action, etc) to determine whether a player is getting close to tilting, and that is displayed in the HUD with a particular symbol;
  • Player's profile: easily identify a player profile according to pre-defined player types: nit, reg, fish, whale. Users can also customize the settings and even create their own player profiles;
  • Built-in equity calculator: a great tool for studying with ranges and analyze if the decisions made at the tables were the right ones;
  • Integrated GTO Tools: today Game Theory Optimal (GTO) is considered the top poker theory; with DriveHUD you can apply the GTO concepts to your game just by couple clicks;
  • Poker HUD: 12 pre-defined HUD's that will fit almost all grinders which are included in the package. Additional HUDs can be created according to the particular players' needs;
  • Filters: any filter you want to apply for your study can be created in DriveHUD, and preset filters are available for the most common scenarios.


DriveHUD is compatible with many online poker rooms, including some of the best Worldpokerdeals deals like Tigergaming, Spartan Poker, iPoker, Bodog, and Betfair. Special add-ons are available for DriveHUD for Asian apps like PokerKing Asia or PPPoker; we will cover this in a separate article.

Another key feature of DriveHUD is that you can buy a license according to your current stakes, starting from $9 yearly license for micro-stakes up to $59 for all stakes. The renewal price fee varies from 17% up to 50% of the initial price and an upgrade can be done at any time. Worldpokerdeals users will get an exclusive discount.


DriveHUD made of the work with statistics an intuitive task. The user interface is well-designed, and it has built-in features for all kind of players, from newcomers to serious grinders. The HUD is very clean and easy to understand, and the possibility to create filters, study ranges and apply GTO tools make of the app a perfect choice for poker pros.

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