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GGMasters Overlay Edition at Natural8 and GGPoker

Author: Vargoso Published: 04.02.23

For the second year in a row, Natural8 and GGpoker celebrates the birthday of its series of freezeout tournaments with a massive event. This time, the GGMasters Overlay Edition for $150 features a $10,000,000 guarantee, twice as much as in 2022.

GGMasters Overlay Edition at Natural8 and GGPoker

A new record

In 2023, the organizers of the largest freezeout online tournament did not clash with the Sunday Million anniversary as last year. GGNetwork has already beaten PokerStars in the race for the TOP1 in the world of online poker, and the upcoming event, an industry record, will once again confirm this fact.

From February 19 to 27, 2023, Natural8 and GGPoker will host the GGMasters Overlay Edition guaranteeing $10,000,000 for $150.

Recall that in 2022, the stated minimum prize money was $5,000,000, and the overlay was $334,772 (36,232 entries). How will the event be organized this time to become even more massive?

Starting flights

Their number has increased by 3 times!

Date Time (CET+2) Day 1


15:00 GGMasters Overlay Edition $150 [Day 1A, Asia]
20:00 GGMasters Overlay Edition $150 [Day 1A, Europe]
20.02 1:00 GGMasters Overlay Edition $150 [Day 1A, Americas]
25.02 20:00 GGMasters Overlay Edition $150 [Day 1B]
26.02 15:00 GGMasters Overlay Edition $150 [Day 1C, Asia]
26.02 20:00 GGMasters Overlay Edition $150 [Day 1C, Europe]


1:00 GGMasters Overlay Edition $150 [Day 1C, Americas]
15:00 GGMasters Overlay Edition $150 [Day 1D]
18:00 GGMasters Overlay Edition $150 [Day 1D, Last Chance]


  • Starting stack: 10,000 chips (200 BB).
  • Late registration: 16 levels of 15 minutes each.
  • Duration: 22 levels or until 10% of the field remains.

Last Chance differs only in the duration of late registration — 15 levels of 8 minutes each. You can play any number of Day 1, but only the largest stack will pass to the final.


The structure of the qualifying tournaments is genuinely global, and it started already from the beginning of February 1 every hour:

  • $5 Sat to GGMasters Overlay Edition – 1 ticket
  • $10 Turbo to GGMasters Overlay Edition – 1 ticket.
  • $15 Mega to GGMasters Overlay Edition – 4-5 tickets.

A daily $25 Ultra to GGMasters Overlay Edition guarantees 500 tickets.

Each satellite is tied to a certain Day1, so when registering in them, pay attention to this so that you don't have to play flight at an inconvenient time later.


  • Twice an hour $2 Step to GGMasters Overlay Edition Ultra Sat – 1 ticket.
  • Once an hour, #BiggerBetter Freeroll with 4 to 7 tickets for $15. You can play only one per day

Probably after the start of Day1, satellites with even more tickets will be added to the lobby. Cash race participants will also win tickets.

Daniel Negreanu's Overlay

If last year the network's ambassador threatened to get a haircut if the tournament did not gain 36 thousand entries, then this time he decided to make a cash bet. 

If the GGMasters Overlay Edition 2023 collects more than 9 million (65,218 entries), the Canadian will add whatever is needed to guarantee at least a $1,000,000 overlay.

With the current level of traffic in the rooms of the GGNetwork, the number of starting flights, and the satellite grid, the probability that the tournament will be able to overcome the boundary declared by Daniel is very high.

In addition to the millionaire overlay from Negreanu, it is quite possible to have a hidden overlay in GGMasters Overlay Edition 2023, thanks to satellites. In this case, for the organizers, this is the main advertising “feature” of the tournament, which is even indicated in its name.

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