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Hello World! Introducing our crew and services


We are very proud to introduce a new version of our site here and give you an idea of what services we are providing. 


For the past 3 years, we have maintained a reputation of being trusted and one of the biggest poker affiliates in the Russian-speaking market.

Having started on the site, we provided safe solutions on access to private playgrounds - .IT, .FR, Asian, Russian, and Turkish sites, and now we are offering unique professional services and rakeback deals.

A good record with lots of positive reviews inspired us to grow, which lead to moving to WorldPokerDeals and desiring to cover EU, CA, and US markets.

Our main goal is to make poker regular's lifes easier in terms of poker fields becoming tougher every year, and also giving a "All in one" solution for those who want to focus on their game instead of trying to make things work for each given platform. 
We are always scouting for new loyal fields, developing unique setups and software, and paying rakeback for all our players.  

You can learn about our offers on the Poker Rooms page. Try using filters to find a game of your choice and all the information about skins offering it. 
If something seems unclear — don't hesitate to contact our crew or a specific manager to find out more.

Acknowledging that our new site platform was just released — some bugs are still unfixed. We will be grateful for all your comments and wishes. Please post them in a thread on our Forum. 
Good luck and thanks for being a part of us!

Rodion Longa. 

CEO and Founder.

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