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Holdem Manager 2 end of life

Author: Vargoso Published: 21.08.20

The era of one of the most popular trackers, Holdem Manager 2, is about to end. Max Value Software announced end of life after December 31, 2020. What should HM2 users do? We'll check all the options in this article.

Holdem Manager 2 end of life

Why is Holdem Manager 2 being phased out?

Holdem Manager 2 was launched almost nine years ago, on November 2, 2011; until spring 2014, everyone could choose between this and the first version of the tracker.

Holdem Manager 3 Beta was released in early 2018, and the testing period lasted until October 16, 2019, when the full HM3 version became available to download. Now, Max Value Software has confirmed the Holdem Manager 2 end of life:

"There will be no updates or technical support for HM2 after December 31, 2020.

HM2 users will be able to log-in and use the software, but functionality such as the HUD and hand importing will be significantly impacted when poker sites release updates and/or add new game types.

You should upgrade to HM3 now."

License discount for Holdem Manager 3

Max Value also announced a discount on the HM3 license for all HM2 customers:

"HM2 customers that upgrade more than 30 days after HM3 official release are eligible for a 25% discount if they upgrade within 1 year (October 15, 2020)."

You can also request a 14-day trial version of the software.

Holdem Manager 3 prices:

Holdem Manager 3 Prices

License Price
Holdem Small Stakes $60
Holdem All Stakes $100
Omaha Small Stakes $60
Omaha All Stakes $100
Holdem & Omaha Small Stakes  $100
Holdem & Omaha All Stakes $160

What does the new license include?

HM3 has one crucial difference — it's not a one-time purchase. Instead, it gives you the right to get all updates only for one year after purchase. Each subsequent year, players must purchase a new subscription.

You can use HM3 without paying the Annual Support & Maintenance fee; however, you won't be able to update the software after the first-year ends.

Holdem Manager 3 Annual Support & Maintenance fee cost:

License Annual fee
Holdem & Omaha Small Stakes $25
Holdem & Omaha Full Version $40
Holdem & Omaha Small Stakes $40
Holdem & Omaha Full Version $65
One Full Version + One Small Stakes $58

Players will also be able to fully migrate all HM2 data using a built-in tool.

Converters for poker apps

Max Value added a new section to its website dedicated to hand converters for poker apps. A total of 14 add-ons are available. Each of them has a 3-day trial version.

A subscription is purchased for all converters; four types available:

  • 1 month, low stakes, $29;
  • 1 month, all stakes, $49;
  • 6 months, low stakes, $139;
  • 6 months, all stakes, $235.

You can download Holdem Manager 3 by visiting the following link.

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