Intertops rebranded to Everygame


On December 1, 2021, one of the oldest US-friendly poker rooms rebranded: Intertops Poker, became Everygame Poker. What changes can this lead to, and why did the poker room owners take this step at all?


Just a rebranding?

The name of any poker room, especially one that has been on the market for more than a year, is always a full-fledged brand with its own reputation, which evokes specific associations among players. Therefore, if it was not involved in some kind of resonant scandal, it would change its name only for an excellent reason.

On December 1, 2021, Intertops poker room was renamed to Everygame.

In this regard, the players received the following emails:

Intertops rebrands to Everygame

So everything remains the same: team, games, bonuses, accounts, etc. But why did the management take such a step? Nobody received any explanations, but we can make some guesses about this.

Why did they need a new name?

We'd like to clarify that the Intertops poker room has always been the most insignificant asset for its parent company. The lion's share of their income was brought by sports bets and online casino. Therefore, introducing the "Everygame" brand should not be associated with the poker room. 

Although most poker traffic is generated by the US players, the other products, both initially and currently, are more focused on the Northern European countries, particularly Germany. For example, the first online bet on a football match was placed by Finnish player Jukka Honkavaara in 1996. Customer support has German-speaking agents and even German phone numbers for calls.

You probably know that gambling is regulated by legal authorities in many countries of this region. And this year, two more very large markets have embarked on this path: the German and the Dutch ones. 

Most likely, Intertops became Everygame to distance itself from years of operating in countries that have recently implemented a proper regulation of online gambling. Getting local licenses is easier for a brand without such history.

In this regard, the players can expect some significant changes. The poker room can be even closed due to low traffic. Also, there's an option to stop accepting US players, which is almost the same. All that is needed to leave European regulators with fewer reasons for nagging.

What Intertops Poker is all about?

Its golden era lasted until Black Friday when it formed part of the Gold Chip network with Doyle Brunson's poker room. After moving to Cake in 2011, Intertops Poker became part of a very small network and was some kind of an "island of stability." Players from other Cake skins even adopted a practice of purposely losing money to particular Intertops opponents who offered a "withdrawal service" for a certain fee. Intertops was the only skin on the network that didn't have withdrawal problems.

The transition to Revolution (2016) and then to Horizon (2018) did not change the situation - it actually was the same Cake, but it consisted of just 2 poker rooms (the second one was US-friendly Juicy Stakes Poker). 

According to Pokerscout, currently, there are only 85 cash game connections per day on average (200-300 at peak hours). As we wrote above, the poker room remains a niche product for the parent company, and, apparently, the owners are not going to do anything to change the situation.

What are the prospects of Everygame Poker - one of the most "soft" US-facing poker rooms that still use the old good "dealt" rake system and offer a high fixed rake back of 36%? We'll see it in 2022.

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