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OmahaPro.com Review

Author: Vargoso Published: 04.02.21

Preflop is the foundation for a successful game in any poker format. There was a big problem in PLO when working with preflop ranges due to their visualization complexity, which is understandable with 270,725 possible starting hands. OmahaPro.com is the best assistant in this matter. In this article, we will check its interface and functionality.

OmahaPro.com Review

How does OmahaPro work?

Clarity and usability are the two main advantages of the OmahaPro.com interface. The service has two windows: PLO Preflop and Training.

OmahaPro preflop window

PLO Preflop allows you to conveniently work with preflop ranges in all possible spots at 6-max tables. On the start window, you need to select the game (cash or MTT), stakes (1), and the effective stack size (2).

Then you can go to the home screen. It's divided into two parts: blue (3) heads-up situations, red (4), multiway spots.

For example, we are interested in playing SB as a preflop aggressor. By clicking on the blue sector's small blind button, we will go to the starting position screen.

OmahaPro studying small blind game

White (1) shows the two highest cards from the starting hands with which you can open raise, black (2) advise to fold. Thus, you can immediately see where the border of the lower range is.

Empty fields (3) are impossible hands. Pocket pairs (4) are painted in two colors (red – double suites, blue, respectively, single suites). All starting hands are also divided into two parts: single suited (5) and double suited (6).

Let's say that next, we need to understand what decision to make with a more specific range.

OmahaPro specific range

For example, choose AQ single suited and check the screen below; it shows all the combinations of our selected starting hand AQxx.

It clearly shows you which cards in hand with AQxx you can raise-call (1) or raise-fold (2). If the cell is double-colored, the left side is playing in position after facing a raise, and the right one is out of position after a raise from the villain.

Below the window is a color legend (3) with a description of our preflop actions. On the start screen, unless we have a particular hand, it is not used.

There are two switches at the top of the screen (4) — Rainbow and Mono, to show the range of starting hands considering the suits.


OmahaPro training module

In the training section, you can test and consolidate your knowledge in practice mode. The interface allows you to customize different situations (stake, position, hand). When choosing fold, call, raise, you will not only be shown the right action, but you will also be shown the EV of all decisions.

OmahaPro ranges

By clicking on the "See Range" button, you will see the hand group's range window to which this starter hand belongs. Thus, not only a specific hand is stored in the memory, but the entire group: the uppers and lowers of the range.


OmahaPro features

OmahaPro.com developers highlight the following advantages of their service:

  • A straightforward PLO visualization range tool with several options (stack, format, etc.).
  • Heads-up and multiway spots.
  • Compare ranges.
  • Display hands that are always folded from a given position to help us understand the bottom of the range and pay attention to the very hands we are playing with.
  • EV data of all decisions and % with starting hands.

You can check the full functionality of the software on the website OmahaPro.com in the FAQ section.

OmahaPro.com subscription

The test the service, you are given 7 days of trial. The subscription can be purchased in two versions for one month:

  • Preflop — €35
  • Preflop and Training — €45

Worldpokerdeals players get a free month when purchasing a subscription for the second month. To take advantage of this promotion, contact the OmahaPro support and tell them you are playing from us in any of our rooms.

For all questions related to OmahaPro.com and subscription to the service, please contact our manager.

Telegram: @kapitonoff

Skype: Написать


E-mail[email protected]

You can chat with other OmahaPro.com users via a Discord channel. The service is still very young and the team behind the project promises regular updates and add features based on feedback from users.

Stay tuned on our Telegram channel for more EV+ news

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