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Preflopper — app for improving the preflop skills on PLO (App Store only).

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Preflopper developers made hundreds of billions of simulations using one of the most famous and recognized poker solvers to find GTO (Game Theory Optimal) solutions for each hand in most preflop positions.

You choose a hand, position, and rake level, and you get a ready-made GTO solution.

Thanks to the graphical interface used in Preflopper, you will not only see GTO solutions but also be able to adjust your game to the features of the opponent's game

With the Preflopper, you will have no doubt regarding:

  • Open Raising
  • Flatting
  • 3 Betting
  • BB Defense
  • Advanced SB Limping
  • 3-way situations

In Preflopper is also calculated:

  • Different strategies depending on the size of the first raise.
  • Tournament strategy with ante (3 different sizes of the first raise)
  • Tournament strategy with no ante (2 different sizes of the first raise)
  • Cash games strategy with ante (Tab "Kings")

ATTENTION! Do not use the app while playing!
The application was created exclusively for working on the game after the game session.

Please read the "Terms of Use and Privacy Policy" before using at Preflopper

By installing the application from AppStore, you can check 5 hands per day for free.



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