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#PokerIsDead: TOP losers and winners from January-February 2020

Author: Vargoso Published: 04.03.20

The first two months of 2020 came to an end, and now we have the opportunity to use the site Statname.net to share valuable statistics on the results of the best online poker rooms. Exclusive to the readers of Worldpokerdeals, we have made a selection of the TOP losers and winners for January and February on Chico, iPoker, and 888 Poker.

#PokerIsDead: TOP losers and winners from January-February 2020

Chico Poker Network

Although Chico Poker (TigerGaming, BetOnline, SportsBetting) remains outside the TOP10 of poker networks, it's still a great site to play against American players at all stakes from NL/PLO10 to NL/PLO1k. We have prepared a selection of the TOP3 players at each stake on Chico Poker, which will help grinders to choose their games. Chico's main donors can be summarized as follows:

TOP3 biggest losers in bb/100

ВВ/100 $ Hands Nicnkame Stake
-683 -10K 300 lololololololol PLO500$
-589,1 -18K 299 Banger03 PLO1K$
-384,9 -3,8K 489 aydee PLO200S

It's clear that such players enter the games to get all the action they can, with VPIP of 75%–85%.

TOP-3 of the greatest amount of loss:

  • "Gerrywoo" — we already wrote about this poker fan last year. In December, he lost about $430k at the tables. And in the first months of 2020, he managed to lose almost $200 thousand in almost 19k hands, with a win rate of minus 130bb/100 in PLO500-1k$;
  • A newcomer took the next place at the top "Banger03";
  • Third place with a loss of $17k was shared by chaos123 (PLO500) and KINGZIMMY (PLO1k).

They are followed by another large group of players from the two highest stakes with losses of more than $10k in two months.

Not all players with the most losses are just weak poker grinders. Many rake machines play many hands with a negative rate, but make a profit of rakeback.

Although these players could be exploited, we recommend our grinders to focus on those players whose winrate is below -10bb/100.

The TOP-3 winners (in $) since the beginning of 2020 on the Chico Poker Network is as follows:

ВВ/100 $ Hands Nickname Stake
46.7 30k 6.5k oOOoOOo PLO 1000
6.9 27k 39k arabella1722 NLHE 1000
16.6 25k 15k RobertoBadgio NLHE 1000

iPoker Network

TOP-3 of the biggest loss in bb/100

ВВ/100 $ Hands Nickname Stake
-529,6 -4,1K 1,4K suntense154 PLO50
-404,4 -2,1K 933 bladehuge86 PLO50
-256,7 -567 2K oldmousecatWD* PLO10

*This player is also the TOP1 in PLO20

TOP-3 of the largest amount of loss:

  1. «salvh» — minus $42k on 6k hands at PLO1K$.
  2. «Antivirus» — minus $31k on 6.8kрук hands at NLH1K$.
  3. «CHKCHKCALL» — minus $28k on 5.8k hands at PLO1K$.

TOP-3 largest winnings (in $):

ВВ/100 $ Hands Nickname Stake
14.4 52k 33k LURWENTHAAL NLHE 1000
12.3 28k 20k SirMokSegg NLHE 1000
7.4 26k 29k SicoXXI NLHE 1000

Detailed TOP-3 winners/losers on the iPoker Network.

888 Poker

TOP-3 of the biggest loss in bb/100:

ВВ/100 $ Hands Nickname Stake
-2687,8 -669 83 pai332435kon NLHE 30
-1989,2 -1,7K 86 ackjar NLHE 100
-405,4 -594 1.5k LKor1010 NLHE 10

TOP-3 of the largest amount of loss:

  1. «16YETZERHARA» — minus $43K on 1,1K hands at PLO1K$ and NL200$.
  2. «ROFLOCOPTER» — minus $32K on 9,1K hands at NL1K$ and NL2K$.
  3. «PerfectTaste» — minus $28K on 185 hands at NL5K.

TOP-3 largest winnings (in $):

ВВ/100 $ Hands Nickname Stake
28,6 54k 9.4k Enl1ght NLHE 2000
80.9 35k 875 doctor877 NLHE 5000
19,9 31k 778 MBTCLOVE NLHE 20000

Detailed TOP-3 winners/losers on 888 Poker.

Of course, you can get more crucial information about your opponents if you buy a subscription package from Statname.net. Moreover, in March, the site announced a 30% discount on all 3-month subscriptions. 

Enjoy the following benefits while hunting "gerrywoo" on Chico Poker Network.

  • VIP rakeback deal;
  • Free graphic layout and hand histories;
  • Discount in hand converter;
  • Professional customer service.

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