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#PokerIsDead: two players donate $600,000 in December 2019

Author: Vargoso Published: 19.12.19

Many have predicted the death of online poker, arguing that all the fields are strengthening, and that rich and "crazy" amateurs have disappeared from the tables. But today we share information that shows that poker is well alive even in top poker rooms. The state-of-the-art statistics service Statname will help us with this.

#PokerIsDead: two players donate $600,000 in December 2019

Chico Poker Network: "gerrywoo" — minus $430,000 in December 2019

When the American network WPN solved most of the issues with its new software and rakeback payments, its competitor Chico went a bit in the shadows and lost a share of traffic over the past few months. But, quality is always better than quantity, and in December 2019, this theory was widely confirmed by the player "gerrywoo".

According to Statname, this player started his journey two years ago, but until November 2019, he wasn't active. He lost "only" $39,000 at NL1k in about 1,500 hands, with an impressive VPIP of 93%.

But, the real benefit for NL200–NL1k regs started last month, when "gerrywoo" decided to grind-heavy. Last month he lost $315,000, and until today, he burned a total of $430,000.

Statistics show that this player plays creatively with almost all starting hands.

Christmas is only a week away, and the holidays until New Year's Eve can attract again "gerrywoo" to the high stakes tables on Chico to give another present to his opponents.

888 Poker: "LoDarius" — minus $145,000 in December 2019

888 Poker has always been considered a soft poker room, but recently the high stakes action has become less common there. NL2k tables are usually incomplete with 2-3 regs who had not yet lost hope that any amateur would join the action.

In December, the miracle happened, and since December 5, the player "LoDarius" lost $122,000:

His game statistics are not very different from "gerrywoo", which means he is a 100% amateur player looking for expensive entertainment. In total, "LoDarius" has lost $145k in December.

Finding such unique opportunities to grind versus soft players at high stakes tables is not easy, but the good news is that Statname can help you with this task. 

Statname operates under a subscription business model, and until tomorrow, you can get a 30% discount. For stakes up to NL25, Statname services are free:

  1 month 3 month 6 month
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