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PokerStars shocked the market last year in July when they announced an all-new feature called All-in Cashout Insurance. This option allows players to reduce the side effects of variance and has become trendy in recent months. Now, the leading real money poker app PPPoker decided to add a similar feature called EV Chop.


EV Chop: All-In Cashout the PPPoker way

Today PPPoker announced to all its players that a new feature called EV Chop was coming:

"In an all-in player's hand has 80% equity in a 100 PP Chip pot, that player is allowed to accept 77.60 PP Chips (calculated as 80% of 100 PP Chips minus 3% of the equity, or 2.40 PP Chips) — instead of the result of the hand being determined at the showdown after the remaining community cards get dealt."

A free trial was announced from January 16 to 29. In short, from now own players can choose whether they want to win the whole pot at the end of the hand or win a fraction using EV Chop.

A short video was released to introduce EV Chop:

Many details are still unknown, and probably the announced free trial is the way to fix anything with the players' suggestions:

  • Most likely, the player with the highest equity will have the EV Chop option activated;
  • The hand will end when the player clicks on "EV Chop";
  • The rake for using the EV Chop function is 3%;
  • Probably, the EV Chop option will be available only in hands where an all-in player has at least 80%> equity and not less.

PPPoker EV Chop FAQ

Is PPPoker EV Chop the same as PokerStars All-In Cashout?

Both are similar functions, although PokerStars All-In Cashout has more features, for example, the final cards are dealt, instead of determining the winner of the hand instantly.

Of course, it's undeniable that PPPoker EV Chop is based on PokerStars All-in Cashout.

Will all PPPoker real money clubs have the EV Chop feature activated?

Usually, club owners have internal options to enable or disable games, change the rake structure, etc., so probably the same will happen with EV Chop, some clubs may implement while others don't; this is unconfirmed at the moment.

Is it free to use EV Chop at the tables?

VIP Cards PPPoker

PPPoker will charge a 3% rake for using the EV Chop feature; in addition, the words "Free Trial" led us to think that players will probably need to buy some VIP card.

In fact, in the PPPoker Store, the VIP cards have a feature called "All-in Equity." It's still unclear who will benefit besides PPPoker from the EV Chop function, or if this extra rake will count towards the rakeback deal we offer.

We invite our players to try the new PPPoker EV Chop feature by taking advantage of our unique deal:

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