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The Two Plus Two website has been sold

Author: Vargoso Published: 14.07.21

Today the Two Plus Two founder Mason Malmuth shared his company has been sold. A recognized poker software developer is the new owner. We will analyze this event today.

The Two Plus Two website has been sold

Two Plus Two has been sold

The biggest poker forum in the world has been sold. Today Mason Malmuth (2+2 founder) confirmed the news in a thread. Many people congratulated Mason and reminded them how important was the website to making poker popular around the world, especially in the United States.

"It's hard to believe that it was 24 years ago when twoplustwo.com was launched, and at that time when we started with just one forum, we thought it was only fifty-fifty we would get a post. But here we are many years and over 60 million posts later, and it's time for new younger people to take over and make this site better than it has ever been," Mason Malmuth said.

Malmuth also confirmed who purchased the website and stated 2+2 publishing would continue on:

"Many of you will be familiar with the new owners since they are the same people who have brought you the Hand2Note HUD which is highly thought of throughout the poker industry."

Mason Malmuth is now "Former Top Dog" at the 2+2 forums

Why a software company purchased the biggest poker forum?

Hand2Note is a popular tracker and HUD among professional players. However, all points out they are a small company, as their website indicates, they are "around 10 people including developers, lead & founder, and about 5-6 people in support staff. There have no managers."

Although the reasons behind the purchase are still unknown, H2N owners are definitely planning to expand their business. The online poker market in the United States seems to have entered into a developing phase, and owning the most recognized forum will definitely open the doors to any kind of new business from now on. 

So far, Hand2Note features only a regular forum at 2+2 with around 400,000 posts (HM thread has more than 6 million answers).

UPDATE 16/07/2021:

On July 15, 2021, Andrew Plakhotnyi, using a brand-new admin account, posted a new thread on the 2+2 forum explaining his plans for the future:

  1. They will build an AI-powered forum platform
  2. The design will remain almost the same
  3. An international community of players will be built, focusing on user growth.
  4. User experience >> profits (for example, banner ads are now gone)
  5. Revisit the ban policy (he even asked, "what do you think about unbanning all banned users"?
  6. Make free the marketplace forums, encouraging coaches and companies to promote their services.
  7. New Telegram and Discord channels have been created 

Two Plus Two Telegram Channel

However, many users are wondering how the new owners of the 2+2 forum plan to monetize the website.

How much does a poker website worth?

A hypothetical question aroused in social networks: for how much was the 2+2 website sold for? Barry Carter, a very active poker writer on social networks, launched a pool with options from $350k to $2M+, while Alex Scott (ex-MPN Poker Manager) joked he "would just sell the whole thing as an NFT for one billion dollars."

Many think that 2+2 needs a severe update, make it mobile-friendly, but it's undeniable that the brand is well recognized among the community. Only the Internet Poker forum has almost 2 million posts, and several sites like Unibet, BetOnline, 888Poker host official threads in which representatives are in touch with players. 

PokerScout was bought by Catena Media for $350,000 in 2017, but both companies are very different as 2+2 features a massive database. Another example is the Poker.net domain, which was sold by $750,000 a few months ago.

The Two Plus Two website receives over 1 million visitors per month, almost 50% from the United States, and besides being a pioneer, it's considered a reference in the poker and overall gambling industry. The company publishes books and hosts hundreds of forums about every single aspect of poker: coaching, software, strategy, online, etc. 

We wish Mason and his team a happy retirement and keep an eye on what the new 2+2 era brings on.

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