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Key facts
  • High stakes games available
  • Crazy action in Short Deck Hold'em
  • All players are welcome from 2/4CNY
  • Extremely soft games
  • No money guarantee
Our ratings
Game selection4.0
Bonuses and promotions2.0
Casual players5.0
Deposits and withdrawals4.0
Convenience of the software3.5

PokerKing Asia Review

Rodion Longa

Poker King Asia (扑克王) is the newest Asian poker application designed for mobile devices. Currently, Poker King Asia is not that popular as other Asian apps like PokerMaster, but you will be pleased with the traffic in quantity and quality (our scouts have identified extremely soft games).

Poker King Asia belongs to high stakes live poker room in Macau (very similar to Bobby's Room in Las Vegas where a $20,000 minimum buy-is requested to play), so the reputation of the site is decent at the first glance.

Short Deck Hold'em (or Six Plus Holdem) is offered at the highest stakes (minimum bets of ¥2000CNY, about $300USD). The rake structure in PokerKing Asia is an innovation too: a progressive scheme (the higher the stake you play, the less you pay in rake).

All players from 2/4CNY (NL$60) are welcome to join Poker King Asia.

Poker King Asia includes some Jackpot tables in their offer, where you can win big prizes for losing with big hands.

Traffic overview

Almost all the traffic in PokerKing Asia is composed of No Limit Hold'em tables in 8-max format and Short Deck Hold'em in tables with 4 players. Short Deck is available for the high stakes games. The games in PokerKing Asia are very soft, 3-4 loose amateur players per table.

The traffic at PokerKing Asia can be summarized as follows:

No Limit Hold'em 

  • ¥1/2-¥2/4 CNY — NL30$-NL$60 — 40+ tables
    ¥5/10 CNY — NL$150 — 15 tables
  • ¥10/20 CNY — NL$150 — 15 tables
  • ¥25/50 CNY — NL$800 — 5 tables
  • ¥50/100-¥100/200 CNY — NL$1600-3200 — a few tables

Short Deck Hold'em

  • ¥50 — $80 — 1 table
  • ¥500 — $70 — 2 tables
  • ¥2000 — $300 — 2 tables

The Short Deck games deserve an additional comment: we have seen the loosest and most expensive games there, 30kUSD coin flips preflop with 89 vs. AQ are common there. 

All the games in PokerKing Asia have ante, making the games even more expensive (for example, at the ¥2000 Short Deck tables, when the hand starts a minimum of ¥6,000 are already at the center of the table, about $1,100USD).

The tables with a JP sign in purple corresponds to the Jackpot tables, where additional prizes are given for losing with very good hands.

Software and trackers support

The PokerKing Asia application is only available in Chinese, but the lobby is well-designed and in short time you will be ready to play without major issues.

PokerKing Asia is developed for mobile devices (phones, tablets) using Android or iOS operating system. Worldpokerdeals players will receive support to configure all necessary software to play in PokerKing Asia from your desktop PC.

No tracking software is currently available for PokerKing Asia, but this only makes the games more profitable.

PokerKing Asia lobby has filters to choose the stakes (low, mid and high stakes) you are looking for, making much easier to find the action you need.

Software translations:




Deposit and withdrawal methods

To make a deposit, please use the following manual. Please note that a minimum deposit of $500 (approx 3500CNY) is required:

  • Contact our team to get the current deposit code. Important! This code changes every day, before making a deposit always contact our manager.
  • In the PokerKing Asia lobby, click on the center button and then click on the first blue button:


  • Click on the second option (the one with the purple card):


  • In the first field, please indicate the amount of the deposit in CNY (1USD = 6,5USD approx.). In the second field, please use the code obtained from our manager (without this code we will not be able to process your request). After that, click on the yellow button at the bottom:


  • Take a screenshot of the next window, and please send it to our manager. After that, click on the blue button highlighted:


  • After completing the process, please contact our manager in Skype and we will quickly process your request using the most popular e-wallets (Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin).

To request a withdrawal, please use the following manual:

1. Go to the cashier:

1.1 In the PokerKing Asia client, click on the gold chip at the bottom of the lobby and click on the blue button in the middle:


1.3 Click on the highlighted link:
Important! If you already have completed the steps 2 and 3, in this window enter your withdrawals password and go to step 4


2. Set a password for withdrawals:

2.1 Click on button #1 to request an SMS with a code
2.2 Enter the received code in field #2
2.3 In the fields #3 and #4 write a password for withdrawals (this password is different from the one used to login into PokerKing Asia); the password must have at least six alphanumeric characters.
2.4 Click on the yellow button #5


2.5 In the next window enter the withdrawals password:


3. Enter the bank details

Important! Please contact our manager before entering the following information because the bank details change from time to time.

3.1 Bank 招商银行
Usually, this bank is the #5 in the list.


3.2 Account number 6214832708487447.
The account number must be written twice


3.3 Recipient: 周茂泉


3.4 Region: 湖北省
At the time of writing these instructions (24/08/2018), the desired option is the #17 in the list.

3.5 Province: 武汉市
If the region is selected correctly, then the province will be automatically selected from the list.


Click on the big yellow button at the bottom. The next window will be a smiling smiley; this means that the bank details are correct.
You only need to do this process one time, in the future just the withdrawal amount is necessary.

Click on the yellow button again.


4. Specify the amount of the withdrawal

Indicate the amount of the withdrawal. Please take a screenshot of this window and send it to the Worldpokerdeals manager. After that, click on the yellow button again.


4.1 You will see a confirmation window. Please take another screenshot of this window and send it to the Worldpokerdeals manager.

For the last time, click on the yellow button and contact our manager to process your withdrawal.


A cashout fee is applied to every withdrawal requested. Please contact our manager to know the current cashout fee.

We process cashouts once a week or on your request if it's urgent.


PokerKing Asia is currently one of the best options for high stakes cash games looking for really expensive games, including Short Deck tables. 

All players from NL60 to high stakes are welcome to play in PokerKing Asia. The progressive rake structure is highly appreciated for professional players.

PokerKing Asia has the backing of a very popular room in Macau, but don't forget the room works on the principle of a centralized cashier, so the risks are higher.

Worldpokerdeals quickly process deposits and cashouts, usually only available with Chinese cards, but with this said we provide no guarantee both for deposit or bankroll.

We kindly ask you to consider the risks yourself and keep just the necessary buy-ins to play.