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Best online poker rooms with 9-max tables in 2019

During its short history (less than 20 years), online poker has already gone through several stages of development. One of the latest ones is the change in the most popular format of cash tables in Hold'em: In 2019 the tendency is to play at 6-max tables rather than 9-max ones.

Best online poker rooms with 9-max tables in 2019

This is something that has made the games to be more aggressive and all strategies are being redesigned accordingly. But, if you want to play 9-max, the format is still alive. Today we will talk about the best online poker rooms with 9-max tables.

Most of the regular players understand the differences between 6-max tables and 9-max tables and recognize the current market, therefore during their careers, they study the 6-max strategy and adapt their games for it (for example, different poker hands cheat sheets are necessary for each format). Shorter tables equal more hands per hour, which at quick sight seems more profitable and that is why more regs are present on that format. The 9-max tables are slower, the players are tighter and fewer regulars play on them, and that is why those tables can be profitable.  

9-max traffic at classic poker rooms

The following data corresponds to the traffic during the European peak time (American evenings):

Poker room/Stake NL10 NL20(25) NL50 NL100 NL200 NL400-600
Party Poker 10 7 3 2 1 1
PokerKing 5 3 8 4 4 2
TigerGaming 7 6 3 13 5 2
888 Poker 7 5 1 2 1 1

Tigergaming (Chico Poker Network) is the 9-max undisputed leader in terms of traffic. The traffic at NL100 is interesting because the number of tables is good enough to play and as is the lowest stake where the Jackpot promotion is played, the traffic gets weaker with players seeking the big prize.

But, for serious grinding at 9-max tables, you will need to play at multiple rooms. Tigergaming and 888Poker are similar in terms of the strength of the field. The best rakeback deals are offered by partypoker and PokerKing, and players from America will have good traffic during their peak time at Tigergaming and PokerKing, while the Europeans would prefer 888Poker and partypoker.

8/9-max traffic in Asian poker applications

pokermaster app

Although the Chinese poker players are famous for enjoying gambling a lot, in applications such as Red Dragon Poker or PokerKing Asia the traffic at 8-max and 9-max tables is in short, great.

The total number of tables is even greater in the Chinese apps than the traditional poker rooms, and highest-stakes up to NL2k are played.


Despite the hegemony of short tables in modern online poker, the players still have options for playing at full-ring tables. All poker rooms included in this article have great action and keep in mind that playing with Worldpokerdeals is not only profitable (we offer the best rakeback deals on the market) but safe because we guarantee your funds in Asian apps.

Red Dragon Poker logo
Red Dragon Poker
Asian mobile platform Bitcoins accepted
Deposit bonus n/a
Rakeback n/a
partypoker logo
GVC Network
Good for beginners 50%+ rakeback
Unfortunately deal is stopped at the current moment
888 Poker logo
888 Poker
High stakes action Good for beginners No Deposit bonus
Welcome offer до $888
Rakeback 5%
PokerKing Asia (扑克王) logo
PokerKing Asia (扑克王)
Asian mobile platform
Unfortunately deal is stopped at the current moment

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