Omaha Pro
EV, GTO and Trainers



OmahaPro: The best tool for learning preflop ranges in PLO.

OmahaPro is a GTO preflop visualization tool for Pot Limit Omaha. GTO it's a preflop simulator that will significantly improve your skills. Convenient and intuitive display of preflop ranges, easy to understand for regular players. With OmahaPro, it's easy to evaluate your range as a whole, including complex situations in PLO as the bottoms of the preflop ranges.

OmahaPro Preflop Features

  • Choose between different stakes, stacks, for cash games and MTT.
  • Display all types of hands preflop, including mono-hands.
  • Heads-up and multiway spots situations.
  • Compare two different preflop situations on the same screen.
  • Visual display of hands that are always folded for faster operation and understanding of the lower range.
  • High speed.

Training features

  • Choice stakes, stacks, positions, and types of starting hands.
  • Display chips in big blinds.
  • Display EV and the weight of opening hands.
  • Display training history and percentage of right choices.
  • View the entire range without leaving the training mode.
  • High speed.

OmahaPro Preflop costs €35

OmahaPro Preflop + Training costs €45

Worldpokerdeals players will get the second month for free after getting a subscription. To take advantage of our promotion, write the OmahaPro support and tell them you are a WPD player.

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