All-in Cash Out on iPoker Network


Almost all top poker rooms already have all-in insurance, which allows players to avoid negative results when playing. Recently, iPoker skins have joined the All-in Cash Out trend. 

All in Cashout Red Star

How to use the All-in Cash Out feature on iPoker

Variance in poker is one of the main tilt factors. Therefore, to maintain a “positive experience” at their tables, the rooms have introduced different insurances, which allow the player to get a part of the pot corresponding to the equity of his hand, regardless of the final outcome. 

Since March 20, 2024, All-in Cash Out has been added to all iPoker Network rooms.

The option can be selected under the "Table" section in the client settings:

All in Cash out Settings Red Star Poker

After that, a dialog box containing general information about the insurance will appear, allowing the player to enable or disable it: "Never" or "By hand."

The function is available only at Hold'em cash tables and only on those marked with a special icon in the lobby: 

All in Cash out Icon Legend Red Star Poker

When a player sits down at a table supporting All-in Cash Out, a pop-up message appears:

All in Cash out Massage Table Red Star Poker

How does it work?

You can take All-in Cash Out at RedStar Poker in any bet, starting with a flop in which two players participate. At the same time, unlike other rooms, there are no restrictions on the equity of the hand — the odds of winning the hand of the player who took insurance can be any.

When a fitting situation occurs at the table, the players who have activated the option will see a pop-up window allowing them to accept or refuse the insurance.

After that, the following can happen:

  • If one player decides to cash out, he immediately receives the amount offered by the room to his stack.
  • If he wins the hand, the remaining pot goes to the "Cashing Fund," that is, the room.
  • If he loses the hand, the pot remaining after the equity payout goes to the villain.
  • If both players choose insurance, then after receiving the payments, the hand ends.
  • If both players refuse to cash out, the hand proceeds as usual.

Is All-in Cash Outprofitable?

From the point of view of mathematics, the answer is unequivocal — no, it is not profitable. In the long term, you will pay a lot more rake. And more rake is good only if your name is Daniel Negreanu.

However, there is a scenario in which insurance can be beneficial over a short period.

If you tilt after lossing, you can use this function to mitigate psychological problems associated with spikes in variance in individual hands where your equity is good enough (from 60-70%).

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