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Best poker rooms to play Chinese poker (Pineapple OFC) in 2018

Author: Vargoso Published: 06.10.18

A big interest emerged about five years ago for Chinese poker (OFC). Although, for example, in 1995-1996 the WSOP held OFC tournaments in its schedule. Taking advantage of this interest, online poker rooms started to offer Chinese poker tables. But over the time, the action stopped and even some OFC rooms closed its doors while the traffic dropped almost to zero.

Best poker rooms to play Chinese poker (Pineapple OFC) in 2018

But, Asians and Americans continued playing high stakes OFC games. The poker applications boom allowed to continue the action on the internet.

Nowadays, only Pokerdom and Tonybet offer Chinese poker tables. And the vast majority corresponds to low stakes with 25 cents jackpot. In Pokerdom, for example, during the peak time, more than 40 3-max and HU tables could be spotted, but almost all of them are played at small stakes up to 10 cents jackpot. Of course, a beginner in the game will find this situation comfortable, but for a Chinese poker regular it won't suit.

True OFC grinders have now the possibility of playing in some PPPoker clubs and the American private room Kingsclubpkr.

PPPoker is popular by the geographical diversity of its clubs. There are clubs from Asia, USA, India, and Russia. And although each region has its own peak times, this certainly doesn't mean that you cannot find tables in your own schedule.

Number of OFC tables in PPPoker clubs (American evening)

Thailand clubs

Stakes/Clubs Kingpower2 JnL Bangkok
1 ($0,31) 5 1 1
2 ($0,62) 4    
3 ($0,93) 1 1 1
5 ($1,53) 2    
10 ($3,06)- 1    
20 ($6,12) 1    
30 ($9,3) 1    
40 ($12)   2 1

USA clubs

Stakes/Clubs PokerBro's Fish Bowl
1 ($1) 1 1
2 ($2) 1  
3 ($3) 1  
8 ($8)   1
20 ($20) 2  

Red Pineapple (India)

Stakes Tables
2 ($1,28) 2
3 ($1,92) 1
5 ($3,2) 1
40 ($25,6) 2

Supreme (Singapore)

Stakes Tables
1 ($0,2) 3
2 ($0,4) 1
3 ($0,6) 1
10 ($2) 2

It becomes clear that if you are looking for medium-high stakes and soft games you will need to arrange sessions in different time zones, specifically Asia and the United States (European morning and evening); by doing it you will get more action at the tables.


OFC traffic at Kingclubspkr

In Kingsclubpkr the lowest limit in Chinese poker is $1 jackpot. During the day, 3-4 tables could be seen up to $10. When the peak time arrives, $20 tables become available and the total number of tables can easily reach 5-6.

Terms and conditions for playing in PPPoker and Kingclubspkr for Worldpokerdeals players

  • All the rooms are reliable, we fully guarantee the safety of all the funds to our players
  • We provide VIP rakeback deals, up to 40% in PPPoker
  • Chips can be freely transferred among clubs
  • A large setup of clubs in PPPoker guarantees 24/7 action
  • All transactions are processed as soon as possible 
  • Our managers provide full information and technical support

In addition to players, we welcome affiliates and sub-affiliates from several countries like Israel, India, America, to join us in PPPoker. We guarantee the best deals in terms of funds guarantee and flawless operation.

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