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Bill Perkins vs. Landon Tice: Results of the first match

Author: Vargoso Published: 03.06.21

On the night of June 2nd, one of the most unusual high-stakes HU challenge kicked off. Bill Perkins and Landon Tice began to play at Americas Cardroom. The young player agreed to pay his opponent 9bb/100. Whether Landon was able to finish the first session in green on such terms, we will tell you today.

Bill Perkins vs. Landon Tice: Results of the first match

Who is Landon Tice?

Bill Perkins is well known in the poker community. Although he does not consider himself a professional player, this businessman regularly takes part in high-stakes cash games and tournaments, and the last year was actively looking for HU challenges.

In last year's winter, he offered a similar match to Doug Polk but asking for 13bb/100. Doug refused the challenge, but after a day, the 22-year old Landon Tice agreed to discuss the terms. Some of his background:

  1. In August 2020, he won $500 in a training match at NL400
  2. A month later, he finished 2nd in the $1,500 WSOP Online Tournament ($25,509)
  3. In November 2020, he won the $1,100 MSPT Venetian Main Event (1,123 entries) for $201,529

And all of this in less than two years after he began to play on micro stakes.

Conditions of the challenge

The ambitious player decided to do something that no one had ever done before: play a high-stakes HU challenge with a big lverage. Yes, his opponent is a businessman, but Landon himself played mainly MTT and 6-max cash.

In May, he and his opponent agreed on the following terms:

  • Stake: $200/$400, purchase: 100BB
  • Hands: 20,000
  • Perkins gets 9bb/100 ($720,000) throughout the match
  • Tables: 2, at Americas Cardroom

Tice wrote that despite the outcome of the challenge:

Landon Tice Blog on the HU challenge

First session

The first round lasted more than two and a half hours. And during this time, alternately, players had the leadership for over 100,000 dollars.

When both players had played just over 600 hands, Tice's advantage had reached $86,000, but a bizarre push call on the river from "AbsoluteGO" (Landon's nickname) with AK on a board 62629 ate almost all of his advantage. Perkins had pocket nines.

The first session of the Bill Perkins vs. Landon Tice challenge lasted 624 hands and ended in favor of the young player for $18,000. However, he will pay his opponent almost $22.5k.

We will continue to monitor the development of the challenge.

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