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Negreanu vs. Polk: Doug wins the match with a $1,202,000 profit

Author: Vargoso Published: 04.02.21

On February 3, 2021, the most commented HU challenge of the last yew years came to an end. Doug Polk beat Daniel Negreanu and won $1,202,000 over 25,000 hands.

Negreanu vs. Polk: Doug wins the match with a $1,202,000 profit

Fast and Furious: 3,694 hands in two sessions

This week, Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu played only for two days to reach the 25,000 hands milestone and complete the challenge. This was possible due to the reasonable use of the timebank by Daniel and the gigantic duration of the sessions: the last of one lasted more than 6 hours.

During the 35th and 36th sessions, 3,694 hands were played with a total profit of $465,003 in favor of Doug Polk.

The overall results of the challenge are also devastating for Daniel Negreanu.

Doug Polk won the $200/$400 HU "Grudge Match." After 25,000 hands, he won $1,202,000 from Daniel Negreanu.

We devoted several articles to the challenge. You can read all of them at the following link: Negreanu vs. Polk: History of the Challenge.

Peace, friendship?

It is hard to overestimate the importance of the duel between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk to popularize online poker. It also gave a lot to the players themselves, not only from a professional perspective.

Everyone knows that this match resulted from many years of hostility and disputes between the two players. But after a six-month battle at the poker tables, which brought one of the parties more than a million in losses, the relationship between the two of them have become surprisingly better.

In his last tweet on the subject, Doug Polk wrote that he was glad to overcome "war." He not only called Negreanu "a worthy opponent" but praised the level of his game:

"He is still a long way from being a heads-up pro player online, but he can easily bet any player who is not specializaed in HU."

Negreanu, although he was visibly upset by the outcome of the challenge, complained about the RNG but still said the following in an interview:

"I'll start by congratulating Doug, he is definitely a great player and favorite in the match. It was an exciting challenge. He got a big and well-deserved victory."

What's next?

Negreanu already has a poker job on the GGPoker Network and will likely now pay more attention to it. On the other hand, Doug Polk has already announced his retirement a long time ago and challenged Negreanu only because of the uniqueness of the case.

He quite clearly explained the zero prospects of continuing to play poker.

Doug Polk will not play a rematch

Doug Polk will not play other challenges

Hence, poker fans can congratulate Doug Polk on his victory and Daniel Negreanu for a decent game. We will all root the more exciting HU challenges and the continuation of the Galfond Challenge.

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