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[UPDATED] Chico Poker Network introduced preflop rake

Author: Vargoso Published: 26.01.21

Unpleasant news came for the players of the Chico Poker Network rooms. The site changed the rake structure — now it will be collected preflop in 3-bet pots. Update: A few days later, a representative of the network stated that this option was activated by mistake, and soon the rooms will disable it and process refunds.

[UPDATED] Chico Poker Network introduced preflop rake

Update: Chico Network cancels preflop rake

After a short controversy, a representative of the network stated on the 2+2 forums that the 3-bet preflop rake option was activated by mistake, and all players affected will get a refund soon:

Chico Network confirms 3-bet preflop rake was a mistake

The rule has been already changed in all the rooms of the network, back to the original version:

Rake rule on Chico Poker Network

The line "with the exception of 3-bet pots" has been deleted.

The Negreanu way

Any changes in the rake structure have always been and will always affect the winning rate of poker players, and news on this topic has always drawn special attention from the community.

Recently, the US-friendly poker site Chico added a small text in parentheses under the "Rake" section:

Chico Poker Network new rake rules

If everyone folds to a single raise preflop, no rake is collected (with the exception of 3-bet pots). All pots that see a flop are raked.

Unfortunately, the network took this step without informing its players and partners. The first ones noticed the change and began to question on the 2+2 forums, where the following screenshots were posted:

Proof of 3-bet pot with preflop rake charged by BetOnline

*It's interesting that the commission, in this case, was 5% (0.32bb from a 6.44bb pot), instead of 5.5% rake as per the network rules. Although this could be a rounding error for the stacks displayed in big blinds.

Consequences for players

Adding a preflop rake, even only in 3-bet pots, will definitely increase the rake paid, which will lead to a decrease in profit. However, it is worth noting that the actual size of the extra rake from an individual player will be a fraction of the total.

How many hands ends with a 3-bet preflop? It's complex to give an exact figure, as it depends on many factors; most like their volume is small.

  1. Chico Network has the right to optimize its balance sheet at its sole discretion, but the players also have the right to learn about such changes not on forums but from an official press release.
  2. The network is enjoying increased interest among our players as a site to play against American players, and in terms of traffic is now at the level of 2017. Earlier this year, the network brought back the rake race. Hence, the new rake structure should not radically affect regulars.

How much do you think the new preflop rake will affect your profit?

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