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Chico Poker Network: New rake race value

Author: Vargoso Published: 14.07.20

Chico Poker Network redesigned its weekly rake race in July 2020, boosting the prize pool to $40,000. Grinders will be able to take part in the leaderboards for at least three more weeks, so we decided to find out what extra value this promotion gives, and who were the players who won in the last week.

Chico Poker Network: New rake race value

$40,000 Weekly Cash Race: Rakeback

In our review of Chico Poker Network's new $40,000 Weekly Cash Race, we wrote that dividing it by stakes was a fairer solution than having a common leaderboard. But, at the same time, individual ratings now give less money.

What real rakeback did participants get in the last week (July 5 to 11)?


  Prizes   1st place  
Stake Rake Rakeback Rake Rakeback
NL10$ 143 8,70% 383 19,60%
NL25$ 172 14,50% 850 34,20%
NL50$ 429 11,70% 1,393 49,60%
NL100$ 1,371 10,30% 3,109 44,60%
NL200$ 1,403 7,50% 3,116 56,80%
NL500$ 789 12,70% 2.572 73,50%
NL1,000$ 1,086 7,40% 4,141 45,70%


  Prizes   1st place  
Stake Rake Rakeback Rake Rakeback
PLO10$ 55 11,40% 274 36,50%
PLO25$ 183 6,80% 384 23,70%
PLO50$ 225 13,90% 1,017 26,20%
PLO100$ 326 15,30% 1,564 44,20%
PLO200$ 620 6,06% 2,636 18,70%
PLO500$ 527 11,90% 1,980 45%
PLO1,000$ 466 6,40% 2,706 18,40%

With smaller prizes relative to buy-ins at each stake, TOP10 players received 6% to 15,3% rakeback and winners from 18,4% to 73,5%. The lowest cashback was at the Omaha high stakes games. This is because of the nuances in the structure of the prizes.

Who won the $40,000 Weekly Cash Race leaderboard?

Thanks to the Statname.net site we have more information about all the race participants. Let's see who won the leaderboards from July 5 to 11:


Player Leaderboard Hands played Winrate Prize Stats (VPIP, PFR, 3Bet)
Fold LesS NL10$ 12K -$594 $75 26/19/10,1
NOLA2728 NL25$ 29K -$169 $291 21/18/7,4
merovingien1 NL50$ 16K +$328 $691 28/21/11
hiphoppanda NL100$ 21K -$707 $1,391 24/18/7,7
lambonali NL200$ 18K -$571 $1,766 21/16/5,2
Urchin NL500$ 16K -$240 $1,891 27/20/8,5
bseuegor NL1,000$ 4,7K -$203 $1,891 28/21/9,7

*Despite the massive popularity of 9-max games on Chico, 90% of the leaderboard winners played 6-max.


Player Leaderboard Hands played Winrate Prize Stats (VPIP, PFR, 3Bet)
1myourhuckleberry PLO10$ 6,1K -$11 $100 23/15/7,2
ohdorzeedot PLO25$ 5,6K -$646 $91 29/17/8,5
popexx PLO50$, 100$ 6,1K -$159 $957 43/9/3,3
SWYThink PLO200$, 500$ 8,8K -$7,8K $1,382 31/20/7
gamblegambel PLO1,000$ 3,7K -$2,5K $491 43/28/9,4

The data in the tables shows that the players who took down 1st place on the leaderboards lost money at the tables. Almost all players in Hold'em (except for Fold LesS in NL10) can be called rakeback grinders.

On the other hand, Omaha players (except "popexx" and "1myourhuckleberry") constantly lost money, despite success in the race, and the number of hands played is significantly less.

Remember that you must opt-in in the "My Missions" section to participate in the $40,000 Weekly Cash Race.

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