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CoinPoker: 7-max tables and other updates


CoinPoker rolled out a major update to its platform in April 2023. The most unusual was the transition of all cash games and MTT tables to a 7-max format. Read more about this and other novelties in the room in our article.

Coin Poker 7 Max

Why 7-max?

6-max and 9-max tables have become the rule in modern online poker for virtually all formats. Some rooms, usually as an experiment, launched games in 5-max or 8-max formats. Now a big player decided to propose a new model.

CoinPoker switched all its games from 6-max to 7-max tables in April 2023.

Such a drastic change is happening for the first time in the industry. The administration of the largest cryptopoker room has not hinted at why they made such a change, and we can only guess its reasons.

In addition to the exclusivity element, this format makes the games tighter compared to classic short tables and requires regulars to change their preflop strategy.

So far, we cannot call this strategy a success — the number of cash games has decreased.

Other changes

Over the past year, the room has been reviewing its bonus policy and rake structure; along with the "new" format, more changes were introduced:

  • Chinese Poker (OFC) has been removed from the lobby.
  • New Cosmic Spins structure:
    • The starting stack has been increased from 300 to 500 chips,
    • The duration of levels has been reduced to 2 minutes instead of 3. 
    • ₮100 spins were removed and ₮3 spins were added. Now the highest tournament here has a ₮50 buy-in.
  • Changes in MTT: two variants of prize distribution have been introduced - 16% and 18% ITM (minimum payouts will be 1.75 and 2 buy-ins, respectively). 
  • The list of satellites for a tournament is now available from its lobby.

It seems to us that the main goal of all these updates was the desire of the CoinPoker management to work on its brand awareness but also to leave in the client only those games that are really popular among players.

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