Dan Bilzerian Plays High Stakes at the Private US Poker Room Kingsclubpkr


After poker Black Friday in 2011, US poker players have always been looking for reliable sites to play while the legal situation improves. Unfortunately, 9 years after, only a few states have legalized online poker and have small and fenced-in markets for them. That's why it is no secret that online poker traffic in the US is spiking in 2020, as hundreds of players keep finding solutions to grind.


Dan Bilzerian $30k Bluff with Middle Pair at Kingsclubpkr

In the social networks era, a video or a image posted by an influencer can change everything and give a new boost to any industry. Online poker in the US benefited from this phenomenon yesterday as one of poker rockstars shared a short video of him playing high stakes at one of the largest US online poker rooms: KingsClubPKR.

The video is only 14 seconds long. It shows an NL5000 hand (blinds 25/50, ante 17) between "TheRealHanks" ($30k stack behind) and Dan Bilzerian, plays under the nickname "Blitz". The hand is on the river with $24k in the center of the table and a 4h7h9c3s10s board. Bilzerian goes all-in for $117k more with 6d7d, a middle pair, and a few seconds after "TheRealHanks" folds and Bilzerian takes the $24k pot.

The board had many draws, two possible flushes, and a few more straights. The chat history shows that the villain had recently won a $19k pot.

Another video of Bilzerian battling the same player shows a $60k all-in preflop with both grinders holding AKo.

Why is this so important to the US online poker industry? 

Dan Bilzerian has over 30 million followers on Instagram and Snapchat, and a 2+2 forum thread is exclusive to him and has almost 4k replies. His story of winning a $23k pot with a middle pair is likely to encourage thousands of players to find out where they can find such soft games.

Joey Ingram is also playing at Kingsclubpkr under the nickname "JoeyPizza", and although he didn't clearly mention the name of the room, we can infer from the images and even from his comments that he is playing there and enjoying the PLO high stakes action.

Joey Ingram Kignsclubpkr

We strongly recommend our grinders to take a look at the current action at KingsClubPkr as traffic is spiking right now and the trend will continue in the coming months. You'll have real options to fight against some of the most popular poker players of the world, with a top rakeback deal and your bankroll fully guaranteed.

Our Kingsclubpkr players receive:

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