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Dan Bilzerian Badmouthes Poker Pros Amid GGPoker Exit

Author: Carolla Published: 13.06.22

The controversial Instagram star made his comments on the No Jumper podcast.

Dan Bilzerian Badmouthes Poker Pros Amid GGPoker Exit

Bilzerian Officially Parts Ways with GG

GGPoker, who recently won the Online Poker Operator of the Year Award, did receive some backlash back in December 2020 when they announced Dan Bilzerian as their newest ambassador on board.

“The Blitz” Bilzerian has over 32 million followers on Instagram, more than anyone in the poker world. However, many think the content he posts is misogynistic. He even made a crude comment to a female poker pro who voiced her concerns about his singing on Twitter. Also, people in the online poker community tend to question his claim that he made his exuberant wealth that he likes to flaunt through playing the game.

In March 2022, GGPoker users noticed something peculiar when they logged into the client. All of Bilzerian’s likenesses had been removed. Even from the “Battle Royale” games, which were specifically created with his branding.

Evidently, rumors started circulating that “the King of Instagram” had been terminated from his GG contract. This was denied by the leading poker room with a delayed response. 

However, last week, this question was finally put to bad for good. In an interview on the popular No Jumper Podcast Bilzerian did confirm that he ended his GGPoker contract. He claims the reason was he didn’t get compensated to the degree of the agreed upon terms for the players he brought to the site. Also, as he put it, he didn’t have the heart to promote it with full enthusiasm.

Bilzerian Calls Poker Pros “F*cking Nerds”

When Bilzerian was asked by host “Adam22” what he thought of the backlash against his GG deal from the online poker community, he dropped a “doozy”. 

“Most poker players are f*cking nerds. I don’t really hang out with any of them, I don’t really want to associate with them. I mean, I shut most of them out my f*cking games. I never let pros in, really. (...)

I mean, to me, I mean, they seem like typical like online f*cking trolls”

Prior to that, he spoke out against one “nerd” pro specifically, 16-time WSOP gold bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth. Bilzerian heavily criticized him for berating recreational players for bad plays. He believes that is exactly what you want rec players to do in your game - which is not a bad point. He also went on to doubt the size of Hellmuth’s wealth. 

You can watch the podcast in its entirety below.

The always outspoken Bilzerian touched on a wide array of other topics as well. As for poker, he talked about why he prefers cash games over tournaments, the Doug Polk vs. Daniel Negreanu challenge, and what his strategy was playing against wealthy whale recreational players as well. As for non-poker topics, he talked about an embarrassingly failed threesome involving a Venezuelan girl, the time someone stole a $1 million watch from him during a boxing match in Las Vegas, and even his time on jury duty.

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