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GGPoker: New Bad Beat Jackpot, Rush&Cash Friday and GGCheers

Author: Vargoso Published: 13.09.21

On September 13, 2021, GGPoker rolled out a software update. A huge Bad Beat Jackpot has replaced two old jackpots, and new promotions were launched: Rush&Cash Friday and $50,000 #ThanksGG freerolls. Also, the prize pools of all daily leaderboards changed.

GGPoker: New Bad Beat Jackpot, Rush&Cash Friday and GGCheers

New jackpots

Previously, GGPoker players had the opportunity to trigger one of three jackpots: AoF, Big Hand, and Flush Jackpot, which were available at all types of cash tables, except for fast-fold poker (Rush&Cash).

Since September 13, 2021, a new Bad Beat Jackpot has been launched for all cash games, except for AoF format.

The AoF jackpot remained the same. The new BadBeat jackpot has the following rules:

  • It is triggered the same way as the similar bad beat jackpots in other poker rooms: the player has to lose with a particular powerful hand at showdown. He and his opponent must use both hole cards. The jackpot is shared between all active players at that table.
  • The required minimum hand strength depends on the poker variant:
    • Hold'em: AAAKK (full house)
    • PLO4 and 6+: 9999
    • PLO5: JJJJ
  • Jackpot contribution: 1 big blind from every 30BB+ pot (ante) and from 60 antes in short deck.
  • Only the first board counts towards the jackpot for the hands where Run It Twice or Run It Three Times were activated.
  • Each stake (up to $10/$20 inclusive) has a separate jackpot prize pool.
  • At least 4 players have to be dealt in the hand.

Prizes are distributed according to the same scheme regardless of the poker format:

  • 10% for the winner of the jackpot
  • 3% for the winner of the hand
  • 0.8% for all other players at the table

All funds from the previous Big Hand and Flush Jackpots were transferred to the new jackpot, so its total amount has exceeded $1M.

Rush&Cash Friday

Rush & Cash Friday promotion

Participation in the new jackpot has increased the amount of rake taken from fast-fold poker players, but they received a new bonus:

Every Friday, the maximum cash-drop amount at Rush&Cash tables has been increased to 1,200 BB.

It has to be added that this unusual bonus can drop only at those tables at which any of the GGTeam members is playing. It reduces the probability of triggering such a drop even further.

GGCheers Freerolls 

GGCheers promotion

An exciting addition was introduced to the room's Flipout freerolls. Now a ticket to such a tournament can be obtained not only by losing with a strong hand:

Every day at 09:45 BST, GGPoker will host the $100,000 #ThanksGG tournament.

Players who have won a large pot or obtained a strong hand at absolutely any cash game table will be able to participate (no further specific terms were announced). The size of the starting stack in a freeroll depends on the details of qualifying hands (size of the pot, the strength of the hand, and the number of such hands played). 

It is not even required to be logged in to participate in these tournaments because all players automatically go all-in every hand. Prizes are paid in cash dollars. 


After the end of the World Series tournaments, the GGNetwork decided to add even more random prizes to its bonus system. It is quite possible that they are looking to attract new casual players while keeping the existing ones interested this way.

Grinders have nothing to be happy about, at least during September - the prize pools of daily leaderboards have been severely cut while the number of paid places has increased.

  1. Rush&Cash – from $40,000 to $33,000.
  2. Holdem and PLO – from $25,000 to $20,000.
  3. 6+ and Flip&Go – from $10,000 to $5,000.
  4. AoF and Spin&Gold – from $50,000 to $33,000.
  5. Battle Royale – from $2,500 to $1,000.

All that happened just when the network overtook PokerStars again in terms of average cash game traffic per week, according to PokerScout. Apparently, GGNetwork management plans to maintain its leadership thanks to casual players. Although there is still a chance that leaderboard prize pools will return to their previous level in October.

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