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GlobalPoker stopped working with Paypal

Author: Vargoso Published: 22.06.18

Playing online poker in the USA has been one of the most popular topics in the last years after the well known "Black Friday".  Constantly,  thousands of poker players look for a safe poker room to play. GlobalPoker is among the most famous sites to play in the USA, but some recent events have changed the picture there. Let's check it out.

GlobalPoker stopped working with Paypal

What is GlobalPoker?

Quickly, GlobalPoker is an online poker room that uses a system named Sweepstakes or $weeps Cash, which is basically a way to avoid the regulation - buying some gold coins using real money (PayPal), playing with those gold coins that have zero value but at the end of the day, you can exchange gold coins for $weeps Cash and boom, $weeps Cash can be exchanged for real money. It doesn't sound like a very complex way but they stated: it works and has been "validated" by the authorities and PayPal, which usually doesn't allow gambling transactions.

Important note about GlobalPoker and international poker players!!!


ONLY players living in Canada or the United States are able to cash out from GlobalPoker, but deposits from anywhere are allowed.  Actually, we did an exercise and deposited $50 from our country (Colombia) and it worked perfectly; keep in mind, when you sign up at GlobalPoker, you clearly accept that if you don't live in the USA or Canada, you won´t be able to request a withdraw.


What is going on with GlobalPoker?

One of the main reasons for the GlobalPoker popularity is that they openly promote that PayPal validated their Sweepstakes model, and for some time, the PayPal system worked just fine.
But in the past weeks, lots of users reported that they received an email with "great news" from GlobalPoker; the great news was about a special program to test a new payment system named WorldPay, which would send withdrawals directly to their bank accounts instead of using PayPal and would allow deposits using credit cards. WorldPay is a US-based payment processing company previously known as Vantiv and handles about $726 billion in volume annually. 

All was good until players noticed that if you were in the WorldPay program, your PayPal cashout option was removed. Bottom line, GlobalPoker is stopping to work with PayPal, one of their main advantages.


Players are not happy with this decision and there are lots of threads online discussing it, especially in 2+2:



The issue is that the main advantage was highly advertised by GlobalPoker, and no explanation has been provided to players; actually, GlobalPoker just mentions they are improving their payment system but not a word about stopping working with PayPal.

What can I do if I play in GlobalPoker?

You have two options. Keep playing in GlobalPoker with their new WorldPay system, but in our opinion, this is a red flag to the room: no one knows why GlobalPoker is not working anymore with PayPal and this could lead to future problems (maybe right now their Sweepstakes model is facing some issues; as they don't say anything, all players are speculating).
The second and the best option is to look for new online poker rooms. WorldPokerDeals can offer very good alternatives for US and Canadian players who were playing in GlobalPoker, like our special Asian poker apps setup.

Players from USA and Canada are welcome to play in Chinese poker rooms like PokerMaster, PPPoker, SuperPoker and OH Poker, with many advantages:

  • WorldPokerDeals offers money guarantee in any Asian poker app (this is unique!)
  • You will be able to deposit or cash out using popular e-wallets like Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz or even BTC if you are a crypto-enthusiast.
  • Right now we are offering HUD and Hand Converter software for PPPoker and PokerMaster, but we are constantly working with our development team to offer more tools.
  • Medium to high stakes tables available around the clock with the weakest compositions you have ever seen.
  • You can try any Asian app without risks with our "All-In Express" Stacking Program. You just need to prove your experience and commitment.

If you have any doubt please don't hesitate to contact us on Skype:


Juan, WorldPokerDeals team

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